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How to Pick Up Women: The Mating Game Part 1

23 Oct

ladies man

By MJ5

Have you ever wondered why one of your friends has no problem talking to and eventually sleeping with a girl almost everywhere he goes? As one of those men, I have tried to keep my secrets under wraps because I don’t want other men like you infringing on the available women out there. Also, I did not want my potential victims to know what I am doing. I am about to hang it up and retire, so I decided to give you the real ways to be as successful as I have been with women.

There are a lot of websites and articles out there telling you all the ‘nice’ things to do when trying to talk to women, but I will give you true and sure fire ways to increase your number of sexual partners almost overnight.

Remember that the advice I am about to give is to have sex with women, so in no way do I encourage you to marry or impregnate any of these women. The women who fall into these categories or fall for these ‘tips’ simply aren’t the women to spend more than a short time with, unless they just happened to fall into these categories part-time.


1. Hunt in the Same Area

There are certain natural instincts a man has to remember are always in play regardless of where he is. One of the main natural instincts at play when you are talking to women is the fact that women go to places where they are comfortable. A women will find clubs and bars they are comfortable with and frequent the same place multiple times. There are two reason you want to hunt in the same place over and over again.

a. Even if you don’t talk to the one you had your eye on the first night you met her, chances are that she might be at the same place at the same time next weekend. She likes it at that spot and she will come back. Women are creatures of habit. If you can take a mental note of what she had on when you made that connection last weekend, you have an even better chance to sleep with her this weekend.

b. A woman will give you undue credit based on her prior successes at that bar or club. Simply, you might win with her because the guy that she met there before you did a good job. It makes no sense at all, but if a woman meets a decent guy at a bar/club, she thinks ALL men at this place are good guys. At this point when you meet her, the only thing you have to do is keep her fantasy going for awhile and you’re in.

2. Be Willing to Cautiously Break Some Rules (Coworkers and Neighbors)

All your friends will tell you to avoid coworkers and neighbors like the plague and they are smart to advise you to do so. However, if you want to stop some of the lonely porn watching nights, tapping into this resource is going to help you to increase your sex number immediately. Regardless of what men think, women are exponentially more competitive than men – they are just competitive against other women. If there is one girl at your job or apartment complex that wants to have sex with you, there is at least one other girl who does too. I can’t explain it, but one girl always believes that she is better for you than another girl and they talk about you to each other. The reason your friends tell you not to talk to your coworker or the girl in your apartment complex is to avoid the stalker rule. If you play your cards right from the beginning, your next office party or ‘Meet the Neighbor Event’ can be very special. Be cautious, regardless of if your performance is good or bad, that is how you will be remembered. If you’re short and quick everyone in your office or complex will know. Perform well and more women will want for you to duplicate that performance with them too.


3. Go Back to School

Every women understands that they can’t always get the man they want, so they settle for what they think they can build. Even if you already have your degree or are working on it I suggest going back to school because women are now lowering their standards and having sex with potential. This means that you don’t even have to be what you want to be yet, you just have to be on your way to it. If you tell a girl you want to be a lawyer or a doctor, it gives more credit to it when you are in school and taking classes. School also provides another situation where you can take your time to talk to the fine girl in the class. You don’t have to worry about missing out on her the first time you see her because you will see her the next class. Another advantage of talking to a girl in class is that most schools are providing group projects and in class discussions so that you can find out about one another before you make your move. My best suggestion is to act uninterested for a very long time.

4. Talk to Girls in Front of Her Friends, Invite them Over to Sit With Your Friends

Every guy knows his job as your wing man, but so does every woman. Don’t put your wing man in a bad spot to talk to the ugly girl for you. Hook up your wing man and yourself by inviting the girl you want to talk to and her friends to join you and your group. This breaks down barriers for everyone involved and doesn’t force people into couples they may not necessarily want to be in. When you invite the group of girls to come sit with you it gives everyone involved an equal chance to pick up and talk to the person they want to talk to. Keep in mind that women also want to eventually get a chance to meet your friends anyways, so when they meet them upfront they get a chance to see how you are around your friends in the very beginning. For some reason this gives you a greater chance of having sex with her because you know her friends and she knows yours; it gives you something to talk about later.


5. Be Willing to Fight Outside Your Weight Class to Get Knockdowns

This is probably going to be the most controversial advice on the list. Every man has a type and I don’t suggest having sex with the fattest girl at the bar or the club. However, please remember that America has become the most obese country in the world and women are constantly degraded for being bigger in the media. No matter how much a woman works out, goes to the gym, or watches what she eats, some women will never be the size 2 that she wants to be. If your type is 5’5’’, 120, I suggest going up a weight class when your sexual partners become scarce. I don’t suggest going from lightweight to heavyweight all in one night because you are going to regret it. On the contrary, I do suggest going up one weight class (bantamweight to welterweight) because she is going to be just as shocked as you that you talked to her. She isn’t happy about her weight and you moving up to talk to her is going to boost her sexual confidence and make her more likely to give you some. I am 6’2’’,240 and I used to talk to only welterweight and middleweight females. One night I went out and got tired of competing with all the other men trying to fight in the same weight class, so I stepped up to cruiser and heavy weight women that night. Somehow, my sexy stock climbed that night and I was sleeping with women who were trying to get down in weight class but hadn’t quite made it there yet. I talked to them at their weight class and was very happy when they dropped down to their normal boxing weight. More importantly, they were happy that I talked to them at their biggest and were more than happy to send me pictures and sleep with me more when they got to where they wanted to be.

6. Go out on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Weekends of the Month

The easiest girl to have sex with these days is someone else’s baby mama. She is tired of her baby daddy and she can’t wait to go out with her friends to celebrate the fact she has finally cut him off! The reason you make sure to go out on these weekends is because these are all the visitation weekends that the kids should be with daddy. There is nothing that will make a single mom more happier than dropping off the kids with their daddy and sleeping with a new guy because she has the weekend to herself! She is easily recognizable because she is the one who is trying to cram all her partying into one weekend like men do when they go out of town. She wants to know what you are doing the day after you meet her because her time is limited and she has weeks of partying, stress relief, and sex to fit into this single weekend before the kids get back. If you can spot this woman, make sure to wrap it up because if you don’t, you will be busy on these weekends too! Caution – women who already have children are more likely to get pregnant again.

7. Use a Spotter

One of the standard operations of a military sniper is to have a spotter. No matter how good a shot the sniper is he needs someone to help guide him on target. Most men use their friends as wing men to talk to the ugly girl. He doesn’t put in a good effort because you most likely stuck him with the ugly girl he has no interest in at all. I suggest you use your friend as a spotter and here is how. Call your friend who probably doesn’t want to go out but will for free drinks. Take him with you to the club, pay his entry fee, and buy him a drink. I suggest stationing him at a point in the club or bar that gives him the best vantage point. Leave him where he is and start walking around the club. Remember that most women are experts at not letting a guy know she is sexually interested – it leaves her vulnerable to hit and run guys who never get to know the real her. While you are walking (unless you are VERY good) you will never see a woman size you up in time to talk to her but your friend will. As you walk around and talk to women, your friend will spot the girls who are interested in you and report it to you. He can tell you what girl looked at you twice, the one that may have giggled, or the one who sized you up when you weren’t looking. He can also tell you which one rolled her eyes and talked about you as you walked off. Check in with your spotter regularly, keep him drinking (spotters do better when they’re drunk) and keep in contact with him through text. He should be telling you which ones to talk to (what she is wearing and your chances). Your spotter can be very helpful by guiding you to talk to the girl who is already interested in you but you shouldn’t know. You already have the advantage before you ever walk up and introduce yourself and if you don’t mess it up you can get her number and have her in the bed soon. Caution – make sure you have the right spotter because if your homeboy puts you in a bad situation if he doesn’t spot right or you don’t keep buying him drinks.

8. Smokers WILL Give Head

I know that smoking is trending to be an ugly habit but this is a woman who still needs strong considerations if you can make her pop a mint before you see her. Most people smoke because they were either born with or developed an oral fixation (they like putting things in their mouth). A woman who braves the cold in a skin tight dress and heels deserved consideration in my book because I found out she is willing to give head when conditions are just a little better. If you can get past the smell, the results are way worth it as more than 80% of them that I have encountered also swallow. If they can put something that harmful in their bodies by smoking, most of them are willing to take protein shots in the bedroom.


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What Not to Do in a Women’s Restroom

22 Oct

womens restroom

restroom graffiti04

Graffiti 101

I am not sure who “Mark” is or why you need to call him for a “good time”, but your good time is sure to include full-blown AIDS and/or being raped and murdered if you give him a call. Either way, you are going to die earlier than you expected. Restroom stall graffiti is a time honored tradition that needs to end immediately. Nothing is a better indicator of the level of class of a store than how many obscenities are scribbled on its restroom walls. There are better ways for you to be heard than displaying witty quips like, “Blow Me,” in a public, yet intimate forum of the restroom partitions. Find a street corner, step up onto a soapbox, and yell your message at the top of your lungs. But, do not write those messages on the door of a restroom stall. No one is listening.

Toilet Seat Surfing

There are so many reasons why no sane person would ever hover over a toilet, but I will give you a few anyway.

1. The only disease that you are likely to catch from using a public restroom can find its way to your vagina despite you hovering over the toilet. Pubic crabs can and will crawl onto anything that gets near them, so the pants or skirt that you are wearing while squatting in a public restroom can still infect you when they accidentally touch the toilet. Hovering will not save you.

2. Almost every other disease dies within moments of being left off its host. Most of the serious diseases including AIDS, HIV, Syphilis, and countless other STD’s die minutes after being exposed to open air. Hepatitis is the only disease you might actually contract from sitting on a toilet seat, and the chances of contracting that infirmity are slim too.

3. In almost every restroom, there are a seat covers and sanitary napkins directly behind the toilet or right next to it. That thin paper forms the necessary barrier that will protect you from any of the aforementioned diseases that you could possibly contract from sitting on a bare toilet seat. So use them or use toilet paper to protect you from the evil toilet seat diseases.

4. You are being a cunt. Covering the toilet seat and floor with your urine and scat makes that restroom stall unusable for everyone else who needs to use the facilities. And, believe it or not, someone has to clean your waste off the seat and floor. It may be a nearby worker or it may be another customer attempting to use the restroom. Be a decent human being and wipe the toilet seat if you hover.


There is never a reason to talk to anyone in a public restroom unless you are estranged identical twin sisters who ran into each other for the first time at the restroom mirror, you ran out of toilet paper and really need someone to help you out (you probably should have looked before you sat), or you came into the restroom with the person to whom you are talking. There is no conversation that I want to hold with a complete stranger while trying to squeeze out some painful flatulence. I am not a counselor, and I will probably not meet my new best friend inside a Walmart restroom stall.

restroom sex02


This is not a subject that I expected to broach, however a few personal experiences portend that this subject needs to be discussed. So, here we go. Your sexual desires do not need to be fulfilled in the stall next to me. I can hear you, you are not being discreet, and honestly, it can wait until you get home. The ten minutes of cramped sex that you get in a damp, dingy restroom cubicle is not worth the explanation that I have to give my children when we find your guy’s DNA in a prophylactic on the floor. Sex was not meant to be had in public restrooms.

Ignore the Sink

Please wash your hands when you finish using the restroom. This is the most basic human kindness. When you wipe your butt hole with toilet paper, little microorganisms that can be deadly to humans often get transferred onto your hands. I know this sounds really technical, but follow me here. The E. Coli that is now on your hands will make you sick and possibly kill you if it gets into your system. But more importantly, that deadly E. Coli from your hands is now being spread to the handle of the bathroom stall, the bathroom door, the table cloth at the restaurant, the door of the building, the stairway rails, the elevator buttons and any other place that you go. You are in essence trying to kill me with your shit. Please consent to not commit murder and wash your hands.

Why Won’t He Commit

19 Oct

reasons he will not commit

This article was originally submitted on February 27, 2011. Because of the response from our readers, we have resubmitted this article for our readers. Enjoy.

He always says all the right things to you. He is kind, patient, and responsible. More so, the two of you have fun together. You talk about any and everything to him. He is your lover and your best friend. This guy seems like he could be your soul mate, but he will not make a commitment to you. These are the top reasons why a man will not take your relationship to the next level, in no particular order.

1. He has emotional baggage - Guys have emotions too. Your boyfriend may have had a terrible experience in a relationship before the two of you met. Emotional scars from past dalliances can affect your present relationship. One of the first steps to finding resolution with a difficult break-up is him openly communicating his feelings about the split to someone that he trusts. Men seldom talk to anyone about their feelings, regardless of how painful those emotions may be.  Often, a man’s girlfriend is his only connection to emoting regularly.If you convince him to share his experiences, preferably have someone other than you converse with him. While you may be fully invested in this relationship, you may not be capable of hearing in vivid detail what connected him to another woman.

2. You have emotional baggage - You have had a string of bad relationships over the last year and your faith in men has dwindled steadily since then. There is an emotional wall that protects your feelings from the pain and mistrust that you have received from men, but it also guards against genuine affection from the right man. Men are also more intuitive than they are perceived to be. If you are keeping a part of yourself from him, then he will not commit. He will guard his heart as adamantly as you have been guarding yours. Communication is once again the answer. So, tell him that you are protective of your heart, find a friend that you trust with your darkest secrets, and open up about your difficulties with dating.

3. He is too immature - Before a man can commit, he has to grow up. An immature guy will never marry you because you are not his priority. His priority is his special car, new video games, old “bromances”, or himself. With an immature guy you represent a luxury, not a necessity. Leave the frat boy alone immediately. You can not force him to treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.

4. He is not ready financially - Financial stability will make or break your relationship. Over half of all marriages end in divorce. Well over 70% of divorces are caused by couples falling on hard financial times. The inability to pay bills on time or possibly being evicted from your home places a great deal of stress on couples. When your basic needs are going unmet, relationships tend struggle. If your man clearly tells you that he is not stable enough financially to support your relationship, either trust him and wait while he builds his credit and finds another job, get another job to help with bills, or find a new man altogether.

5. He wants to play the field - Whether he has had a minimum amount of partners and wants to get a little more experience, or he thinks that he is “too much man for one woman,” you should distance yourself from this guy. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is a byproduct of immaturity, and in either situation, you lose. If he honestly needs to date other women because he was not exposed to different women prior to meeting you, then you have to come to terms with the fact that someone that you hold dear, may find someone else. In parallel, you have to accept the fact that the same person that you care for immensely, did not fully appreciate  the scope of your relationship. If you are dating the egotistical, “weigh his options guy,” then you have misjudged the character of a man in which you have invested time and emotion. The best solution is abstraction.

6. You are crazy - A man will not commit to a woman that is completely, mentally unstable. If you are manic-depressive, bipolar, or schizophrenic and medicated, then you should keep taking your medicine. If you are not medicated and just utterly irrational, then you should consider therapy and possibly becoming medicated. Men do not enjoy arguing. Men do not enjoy crying. Men do not enjoy arguing and crying with their women. If you can not talk to your significant other without breaking into tears or a fit of rage, then seek help.

7. You are lame - You never go out anymore. You dress poorly now, too. The two of you seem like an old married couple, more like roommates than lovers. Instead dressing well and spending nights out on the town, you spend nights watching the newscast in your sweatpants. You ask, “What’s wrong?” constantly. Nothing is wrong, except that he is going to bang his head against a wall until it is a bloody pulp if you ask him that question again. Where is the fun girl that he met out clubbing with his friends? Where is the girl that rode with him to Atlantic City on a whim? If you find her, you may find an engagement ring too. Men are unintentionally expected to be the entertainment for their relationships. In most pairings, the guy has to bring the excitement and enthusiasm with him. Women that are equally engaging find husbands.

8. He is not the one - You met in college and he was awesome. The two of you like all the same things, you finish each others sentences, and the last two years have flown by quickly. Slowly, you start to feel a slight disinterest in working out the tawdry problems that arise in your relationship. In fact, you have become slightly disinterested in him. Similarly, he has checked out of the romance emotionally. On paper, everything matches perfectly, but in reality your bond has weakened significantly. Relationships all work in theory if people are willing to compromise. However, some people are not compatible despite having the same passions.

Best Drug Dealers in Film

18 Oct

stringer bell02

Honorable Mention:

Ronald Reagan - Okay, Reagan is not a fictional character like the rest of these characters, but he was an actor, and when he opened the Panama Canal, he became one of the biggest American drug dealers in history.

50 Cent - This Curtis Jackson guy is completely fictional like the rest of the men who will be mentioned on this list. Being shot nine times does not make you a drug dealer. Being shot nine times means you pissed off the wrong guy.

 breaking bad - heisenberg02

The List:

Walter White/Heisenberg – Breaking Bad

Mr. White was a chemist turned chemistry teacher turned meth cook. This had to come from TV land. But, his character was nuanced and dynamic. This soft, loving father of two became a self-serving monster over the course of the full series. Cancer pushed him into providing for his family illegally, but Walter had been disparaged long before he started selling. A life full of disappointments, unfulfilled potential, and random coincidence led him to his unlikely start in the drug game, but he used his knowledge of chemicals to provide a superior product to his buyers, earned millions of dollars, and eventually worked his way into being a drug boss. But, his success in the drug game led him into a destructive individual quest for power and recognition.


Johnny Tapia – Bad Boys II

Tapia was the biggest drug dealer in Miami. His ecstasy ring was responsible for millions of dollars of revenue in the greater Florida area, and his interests stretched from money laundering to counterfeiting to murder. Johnny Tapia was willing to put down anyone who stood in his way including his own family. He was completely neurotic and he used everyone, including the KKK to push his products across the area.


Stringer Bell – The Wire

Stringer Bell was one of the most calculated criminals on this list. He and a childhood friend built a drug empire that entrenched itself in the heart of the Baltimore housing projects in the inner city. They strong-armed rival crews, they hid their business in the Carter City projects, and they killed anyone from those projects who claimed that they would testify against them. And while Avon Barksdale, his childhood friend was locked up on drug charges, Stringer streamlined the company and made it more profitable with less risk for himself and his lieutenants. He hoped to get out of drug dealing altogether. Stringer took economics courses at Baltimore City Community College to further his knowledge of money and how to acquire more, and he reached out to local politicians in an effort to legitimize his drug money into an entity that could stand on its own merit. Stringer was cerebral, but he was also ruthless. He had one of his subordinates killed while he was in prison, made it look like a suicide, and went to his house and comforted his mother after the death. He organized the second arrest of Avon Barksdale after they could agree to terms on how the business should be run.

drug dealer - layer cake

XXXX – Layer Cake

Though we never learned his official name, XXXX was one of the most calculated drug dealers on this list. He was intelligent and charming. His attitude was polite and effusive. Though he was a criminal, XXXX seemed like he was just a good human being caught in a unique circumstance. Viewers could picture themselves as him, a middle man in a lucrative drug-trafficking business who never wanted to get his hands dirty.


Tuco Salamanca – Breaking Bad

Anyone who has ever lived in a bad neighborhood knows a Tuco Salamanca. Tuco was completely unstable. He was so crazy that anyone, including his crew members, could fall into the path of his wrath for almost any offense. He ruled through fear, but was loyal to those above him and extremely intuitive with his business matters. He knew when to attack the competition, when to play nice with others, and when to go into hiding to avoid prison time. He would rob, beat, or kill anyone who stood in his way and he punished anyone for any perceived slight.


Gustavo Fring – Breaking Bad

Gus Fring was an affluent business man who owned a successful chain of “Los Pollos Hermanos” chicken restaurants across the nation. He was a great philanthropist who personally fought the war against drugs and supported the local police force financially and through public service. But, Gustavo Fring was the man who “hid in plain sight” as Gus.


Nino Brown – New Jack City

Ruthless describes Nino Brown perfectly. He was willing to do anything to become the biggest drug dealer in New York. He and a small group of his closest friends from his youth founded a criminal organization called the Cash Money Boys or CMB to take over drug trade in New York City. Nino Brown used intimidation, calculated murders, and a multilayered drug operation to turn profit in “The Carter” housing projects. He held the residents of the Carter paralyzed in fear through constant violence and the power of drug addiction. But, he was also treated like a celebrity because of his public charity events. Nino Brown knew how to manipulate the public, but he was as heartless as other villain that movie cinema has ever seen.


Tony Montana/Scarface – Scarface

He started from the bottom as a Cuban criminal and defector and worked his way into the top circle of the Columbian drug trade through sheer willpower and a willingness to do what no one else would do. Tony Montana was equal parts the American dream and public enemy number one. He immersed himself into criminal activities from the first opportunity he was given in the United States and showed a real affinity for it. He worked his way from being hired muscle to becoming a contract killer. He turned that into an opportunity to sell drugs and ultimately killed and double-crossed enough people to be a drug boss. Tony Montana was extremely violent and ambitious. He scraped and struggled in his native Cuba to survive which gave him the drive to excel in America.

drug - scarface.jpg