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7 People that We Want to Know

28 Jan

Don’t you wish that you had a best friend that was a celebrity. We do too. It has to be fun to pick the minds of some of the world’s most popular and recognizable people. Here are a few that we’d like to know personally.

1. Charles Barkley – Charles Barkley is one of the most genuine, relatable figures on television today. He does not always make the most appropriate comments, but that is the biggest part of his appeal. His answers to questions are not robotic and rehearsed. He exudes an air of  authenticity in every interview that he does, because he is sometimes frank, ofttimes completely uninhibited, and always honest. Barkley seems like he is the guy on the list that is most likely to be a real friend to you.

2. Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen is a little eccentric, but she is also bright, funny, and extroverted without having to be center of attention. She seems like she can be the life of the party when a get-together needs a lift, and a good conversation once the party has already started. And, she knows a lot of hot girls…she’s a lesbian.

3. Snoop and Bishop Magic Don Juan – Speaking of getting a party started, there is probably no one alive that could get a party livened up faster than these two could. Snoop and the Bishop have spent the last few years in a haze of “special” smoke rolled in the finest cigars, drinking adult beverages from golden, bedazzled pimp cups, and surrounded by college girls, strippers, and porn stars.

4. Jack Nicholson – If there is one man that any bachelor could learn a few things from, it is Jack Nicholson. He has never married, is now in his seventies, is ridiculously wealthy, and still dates women in their twenties. He goes to all the LA Laker games, makes a movie once every seven or eight years, and then returns back to living the good life with women young enough to be his granddaughter.

You smug bastard, Phil.

5. Phil Jackson - No matter where he is, Phil Jackson is the smartest man in the room. He turned a solid, but underwhelming professional basketball career into one of the most decorated and celebrated coaching careers in the history of professional sports. Jackson has manipulated some of the best basketball players and biggest egos that the world has ever seen into performing well for him. He also manipulated his way into the bedroom of his billionaire bosses’ daughter. Phil Jackson is not just one of the best coaches in sports, he’s one of its greatest minds too.

6. George W. Bush – Dubya just seems like a country bumpkin that walked backwards into being the leader of the free world. But, George W. is not a dumb hick. He was smart enough to get elected. He was smart enough to surround himself with capable staff members and delegate responsibilities to them. And he was smart enough to make enough money in Iraq with Halliburton to ride off into the sunset unscathed after contributing to the deficit instead of fixing it. George W. Bush is smart enough to be our friend.

7. Barack Obama – Is it just us, or is President Barack Obama the coolest politician that the world has seen since President John F. Kennedy. He is affable, eloquent, honest, and dignified. He speaks intellectually, but with warmth and passion. He is into just enough pop culture to relate to the common man, but still has a regality about him. Despite constant partisan attacks and some disrespectful outbursts from his subordinates, he has taken everything in stride and remains resolute on finding solutions to the nation’s problems. Barack Obama could be our friend any day.

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