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Best Boy Bands Ever

24 Jan

10. New Edition – N.E. lead the way for future bands like New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men. They had many pop hits during the 80′s, but produced even bigger solo artists as their members embarked on solo careers. They had several R&B number 1 hits on their debut album, including Candy Girl. Their second album, New Edition had two top 10 pop hits and went certified double platinum. New Edition had three other albums that went at least platinum.

new edition02

9. Jonas Brothers – You can’t deny the popularity of these guys whether you like them or not. In two years, they’ve sold over 8 million records. Mandy, a song from their first album, reached number 4.

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas

8. Monkees – They were 3 Americans and 1 British kid and they took over Los Angeles in the late 60′s. They had 3 number 1 hits and influenced a lot of music during their popular years.

the monkees

7. Menudo – Menudo is the biggest boy band to ever hit Latin America. It spawned latin superstar Robi Draco Rosa and worldwide superstar Ricky Martin. Menudo definitely changed group members more often than any of the other listed groups. When a group member reached adolescence he was just replaced with a younger member. Menudo caused riots in Latin countries. At a concert in Rio de Janeiro, two women were trampled and killed while they performed.

6. New Kids on the Block – NKOTB sold 80 million records worldwide. They won 2 American Music Awards in 1990. Their second album, Hangin’ Tough became certified triple platinum the first year and eventually went eight times platinum. They had multiple top 20 songs, 3 top 10 songs, one that reached number 1.

new kids on the block

5. Backstreet Boys – The Backstreet Boys have had worldwide success producing 7 albums and selling more than 130 million records. They are one of the biggest selling groups of all time and hold the distinction of being the first artists since Sade to have their first seven albums reach the top 10 on Billboard. They were also the first artists to to have back to back million+ discs sells.

backstreet boys02

4. N’Sync – N’Sync is the third highest selling boy band ever behind NKOTB and the Backstreet Boys. They are higher on the list because they are more decorated. N’Sync has received multiple Grammy nominations and recorded with countless legendary artists like Elton John, Steve Wonder, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, and numerous others. They also spawned one of the best young entertainers of this generation, Justin Timberlake.


3. Boyz II Men - Boyz II Men sold over 60 million records worldwide and were known for their complex, harmonious a cappella renditions of songs. They won 4 Grammy’s in the 90′s and were nominated for 2 more in 2009. They recorded 3 number 1 songs and set a record for a song staying consecutive weeks on the top of the Billboard list twice. Once with End of the Road with 13 weeks atop the charts. And then with 17 weeks with One Sweet Day featuring Mariah Carey .

boyz ii men

2. Jackson 5 – The Jackson 5 were one of the best boy bands ever formed. They produced 4 number 1 songs and multiple top 20 songs throughout the seventies. They also produced possibly the best entertainer ever, Michael Jackson.

jackson 5 - 06

1. Beatles – The Beatles are the most transcendent group in music. Their music is inundated into our culture. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band is considered by many to be the best album ever made and is one of the best selling ever. The Beatles have 20 number 1 hits in the U.S. and 17 in the U.K.

the beatles

2 Responses to “Best Boy Bands Ever”

  1. cheril July 15, 2011 at 9:58 PM #

    Just becoz Micheal Jackson so, you think the jackson 5 is better…
    just becoz justin timberlake, so you think nsync is better

    please remember The Jackson 5 is not Micheal Jackson
    and Justin Timberlake is not Nsync…
    it’s differet you know..

    Boyband is a group… And everybody knows that a group need to be more solid, every member has contribution to the group one of each other…. not just one man show… or two men show….
    So, I think you shouldn’t put Backstreet Boys in #5 position…
    they still together and still have strength to make good music until now.. that’s the group man.. !!

    • AFM July 19, 2011 at 12:25 PM #

      I agree with you that one person does not make a group, but you have to think about their body of work. And, the Jackson 5 had a lot of hits. So did N’Sync. Listen to their harmony, and look at their awards and record sales and you will see that I am right. I am always right.

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