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Hollywood’s Hottest Cougars

24 Jan

20. Mira Sorvino – Sorvino has not spent a lot of time on the big screen since her 20′s, but at least she likes her men in their 20′s.

19. Katie Couric – Men have never been more interested in the news than when Couric tells it. She’s engaging, intelligent, and beautiful.

18. Susan Sarandon – With her high cheekbones and wide, pretty eyes, Sarandon has aged better than any actress near her age. And she exudes grace and charm.

17. Julianne Moore – Moore is a gifted actress and an elegant, well cultured woman. She has a radiant smile and personality.

16. Paula Abdul – Paula Abdul is a trained dancer, former cheerleader, and pop singer. She brings a gorgeous face, bright personality, and demure figure to her fans.

15. Sandra Bullock – Though she does not fit the normal standard of beauty in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock is striking. She is stunning and very attractive.

14. Sharon Stone – A sex symbol since the nineties with her seminal moment in Basic Instinct, Stone emanates sexuality.

13. Heather Locklear – Locklear has been a sex symbol since the eighties and she seems to look better every year.

12. Monica Bellucci – Monica Bellucci has some of the sexiest lips in Hollywood and a voluptuous figure too. She also has a sexy accent.

11. Bridget Moynahan – Moynahan is a former model and current actress. She has long, slender limbs and smoky eyes.

10. Kim Cattrall – Something is overtly sexual about Kim Cattrall. She has written a book about sex. Every role she’s taken has been very sexual. Kim Cattrall is an extremely sexual woman.

9. Naomi Watts – She’s bubbly and  brings passion to her all her roles.

8. Mariah Carey – Mariah is a beautiful songtress and is delving into acting too.

7. Courtney Cox – Cox has a real sultry appeal. She has pretty eyes, a slim figure, and a wide smile.

6. Vanessa Williams – She’s a former Ms. America, a Grammy winning singer, and an Emmy winning actress. She also has radiant, glowing golden brown skin and a brilliant smile.

5. Pamela Anderson – How is Pam Anderson still this hot?

4. Madonna – Madonna has been both relevant and a sex symbol since the early eighties. She is the wealthiest female musician in history.

3. Demi Moore – She just does not age.

2. Elizabeth Hurley – I repeat, she does not age. Hurley has that lovely British accent and the body of a woman that is 20 years her junior.

1. Halle Berry – Berry is absolutely stunning in anything she wears.

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