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It’s Gonna be a Bad Day

30 Jan

We all have some really bad days sometimes, but it’s impossible to predict when they’re going to happen.  However, if any of these things happen to you, it’s guaranteed that your day is going to be long and horrible. 1.  You had to pull your car over- There are only a few reasons that you would pull your car over, and none of them are good.  Either you got a flat tire, your car starting making noise (or smoking), or the cops made you pull over.  If the problem is mechanical get ready to shell out plenty of money on a tow truck and mechanic fees.  Getting pulled over by a police officer means wasting a day in court and/or paying an exorbitant amount for the ticket.  In any circumstance you’re going to be late for wherever you were going, and it’s going to cost you a lot of money … two certain ways to ruin your day. 2.  You have to go to a pharmacy- If you go to a pharmacy it means that either you or someone you care about is sick.  This is different than going to the doctor because sometimes you go to the doctor just for a check up or to make sure whatever was making you sick is gone.  The other horrible thing about going to the pharmacy is that you have absolutely no idea how much things are going to cost until the last second you’re there.  It’s horrible because no matter how much the price is, you don’t really have a choice but to buy it to make sure you or your loved one gets better.

trust me, you never wanna have to see this guy

3.  You go to the dentist for a 3rd time- The American Dental Association recommends that everyone go to their dentist twice yearly for cleaning.  If you have to go to the dentist for a 3rd time, it’s definitely going to be a bad day.  You probably have a really bad tooth ache, and that stupid tooth gives you a headache, keeps you from eating or drinking anything cold hot, and the pain won’t go away no matter how much Tylenol, aspirin, or Motrin you swallow.  Hopefully the problem is just easily fixable like a cavity, not something serious requiring a root canal.  Anyway you slice it, you’re in pain and you’re pocketbook is about to get a lot lighter, because everything involving teeth is ridiculously expensive. 4.  You had to go to a pawn shop- If you ever have to sell something at a pawn shop it means you need money VERY badly.  More specifically you need cash very badly.  Having to sell something for about 30 cents on the dollar is never a good thing, but it certainly displays your level of desperation.  Not to completely generalize, but if you need cash that quickly you’re probably behind on your bills, bailing someone out of jail, or doing something illegal.  If any one of those things are true, the day is not going to be good. 5.  You’ve eaten at McDonald’s for the 2nd time in a day- Once again, not to generalize, but if you eat at the “golden arches” for the 2nd time in a day you’re more than likely overweight, too poor to afford better food, or both.  In addition, if you eat at McDonald’s more than once in a day, you’re increasing your odds of having a bad stomach ache, heart attack, or stroke.  None of those makes for a day you’re happy about. 6.  The daycare calls- Most daycares are pretty self-sufficient, so if the daycare that your child goes to calls, you’re about to hear some pretty bad news.  None of the possible scenarios are even close to palatable: your kid has gotten too sick for them to handle, your kid has gotten badly hurt, your kid badly hurt another kid, your kid has been terrorizing the classroom.  Whatever the problem ends up being, it’s going to be significant, and it’s going to ruin your day. 7.  Your doctor calls- Doctors are usually pretty busy, so they don’t call you unless it’s absolutely necessary. So if you happen to get a call from one, it’s probably for something serious.  If your lab tests come out normally you’ll probably going to get a call from their nurse, you’ll get a fax from the office, or you won’t hear anything at all.  So if you answer the phone and the doctor is on the line find a place to sit down, get ready for some bad news, and prepare for your day to be immediately ruined. 8.  You had to call or go to your cell phone carrier- It doesn’t matter if your company is AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, or Verizon, if you have to go there, it probably means something bad has happened.  Sure there are those few instances when you’re buying a new, exciting phone, but usually its something bad like your phone is lost or stolen, your phone has gotten wet or is acting funny, or your bill is high because something is messed up with your plan.  In this day and age it’s impossible to live without a cell phone, so if you’re on your way to the cell phone store, you’re probably in the middle of your bad day.  By the way, if you’re on the way to the cell phone store and scenario #1 for having a bad day happens, things are going to go south for you very quickly. 9.  You had to enter a U-haul vehicle- Moving is always a really exciting time … unless of course you’re being evicted.  Being involved in a move doesn’t make for a bad day, but being so involved that you’re riding in the U-haul truck makes for a bad day.  This probably means that you’ve helped load the truck, you will help unload the truck, you will carry very heavy objects long distances, you will repeat that process for several hours, and you will not be compensated for your labor.  That sounds like a pretty crappy day to me. 10.  You hear the words “we need to talk.”- No explanation necessary.

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