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Best NFL Offense

22 Jan

1.  QB – Joe Montana – the 2nd easiest pick that I had to make. Montana has the Super Bowl wins, the clutch performances, and he even won in KC once he got pushed out of town in San Francisco. Nobody did it better than Joe. If Brady gets 1 or 2 more, he’ll be in the discussion.


2.  WR – Jerry Rice – Here’s the easiest pick. Rice is everyone’s consensus number one pick for the best receiver ever. He caught everything. And then scored. He left the game with every record a receiver coul have. He’s in the conversation for best football player ever.



3.  WR – Terrell Owens – TO is probably the most unpopular pick on this team. He is always controversial, and completely self-absorbed. He has also put together a Hall of Fame career in football. TO is second in just about every Wide Receiver statistic to Jerry Rice and is one the best athletes to play the position. He’s big enough to run through tackles and fast enough to avoid them.


4.  RB – Jim Brown – The best back that ever lived. Bigger, faster, and stronger than every running back, and bigger and stronger than most linebackers. Could make every move and did make them on the way to a Super bowl win, despite the entire league knowing he would get the ball. He was unstoppable. Jim Brown won every award a running back could, and left holding every rushing record in only 10 years, and even won the MVP.



5.  RB – Walter Payton – “Sweetness” is the only back I can put before my favorite running back of all-time, Barry Sanders. Payton was a bruising back despite being 5’10″. He evaded tacklers in the hole and ran over them at the goal line. He won a Super Bowl on the team many people believed to be the best ever.


6.  TE – Ozzie Newsome – Considered to be the best tight end to ever play. Relished blocking and was the first pass catching tight end. Had sure hands, a big body, and a mean attitude on the field.


7.  OL – Johnathon Ogden – Any list without Ogden is not complete. May be the best offensive lineman ever. 6’9″, 300+ pounds, powerful, agile, and most importantly had mean disposition.


8.  Orlando Pace – Big, strong, and had quick feet. It was almost impossible to get around Pace, and he was known for the “pancake block”, which ends with a defender flat on his back.


9.  Mike Webster – The best center that ever lived. Compact with nimble feet and strong as an ox. The original “Iron Mike” anchored an offensive line that protected the Steeler dynasty of the 1970′s. He played so well that Terry Bradshaw, his QB, would celebrate with Webster after a touchdown throw instead of the receiver that caught the ball.


10. Gene Upshaw – One of the most loved players ever, and one of the best. Eugene Upshaw is also one of the winningest. He is the only player ever, to play in the Super Bowl for the same team in 3 decades.


11. Anthony Munoz – One of the best lineman to ever play. Munoz also excelled in both pass and run blocking. He also caught 7 passes for 18 yds. and 4 TD’s.

2 Responses to “Best NFL Offense”

  1. keaton August 8, 2011 at 1:10 PM #

    seriously no THE BUS peyton manning marshall faulk???????????? those ARE KEY PLAYERS TO THAT TEAMS SUCSESS shannon sharpe john elway i could go on for hours
    i may be young but i know football good

    • AFM August 8, 2011 at 1:30 PM #

      Keaton, as good as Marshall Faulk was, he does not compare to Payton, Sanders, or Jim Brown. The Bus ain’t even in the conversation. He ran hard, but his numbers do not get him in the best of all time category. Peyton Manning was a hard cut, but he will replace one of the QB’s in the next year or two.

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