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Mailbag- January 2011

1 Jan

by AFM

Dear Answers From Men,

Who ends up being the biggest loser from the Jay Cutler “quitting” fiasco: Cutler, the loser athletes who mocked him via Twitter, or the city of Chicago?

Steve; St. Paul, Minnesota

Jay Cutler is his own worst enemy. His body language is horrible. He always looks like someone kicked his dog when any adversity hits. He doesn’t seem too happy when things are going well. As the leader of a football team (I don’t care what you think, the QB is the leader. He gets the praise with wins and blamed for loses), you have to inspire your teammates. The QB has to convince their team that they can win, even if they don’t have a chance in hell. They are like good politicians. You know they are lying to you, but they lie so well that it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t really inspire anyone. He doesn’t lead by example by just appearing passionate for the team. Cutler is always teetering between aloof and sullen. However, he is not the biggest loser. The fans are the biggest loser in this situation. The players that mocked Cutler just reacted to an event that was eerily similar to what he has done countless times in the past. Even though Jay Cutler had a legitimate injury in that game, he has built a reputation around the league as a pouty whiner. Though in this instance, it was unwarranted, his image as a egotistical prima donna is somewhat self-inflicted. The fans were forced to watch him stink up the first half on two legs, and then see him STANDING on the sideline with a knee injury. Brett Favre has a lot of faults, but he played part of last season with broken ankle. If Cutler has an arm that’s better than John Elway’s, then maybe he should have used it.


Dear Answers From Men,

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and I really want to do something special for my lady, but I’m kinda in a financial bind.  I’m sure she’s bored with the whole flowers and chocolates routine.  What do you suggest I do to make this day memorable on a limited budget?

Chase; Augusta, Georgia

Chase, you came to the right place. You do not have to spend money to have a romantic Valentine’s Day. Women appreciate thoughtfulness and effort just as much as a big night on the town. Take her on a picnic. It sounds cheesy, but if executed properly, you can sweep her off her feet without spending any money. If you cook well, then make her a 3-course meal including dessert, bring candles, lay it out on a blanket, and wine and dine her. Ladies love to be pampered. If you can not cook, then take the $30-$40 that you would spend on flowers and chocolates, and buy the meal. Take the food out of the restaurant containers, put it in your china before she comes, and continue with original plan. A lot of women today can’t cook, so she won’t be offended that you got take out, and will appreciate your planning. The most important thing on this day is to be attentive, thoughtful, and charming.


Dear Answers From Men,

Who do you think has had the biggest fall from grace, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, or Nicholas Cage?

Ben; Charlotte, North Carolina

No one expects Charlie Sheen to do anything other than sleep with prostitutes and do cocaine. You can’t fall from grace if you are already on the ground. Lindsay Lohan had no chance of a completely normal life, because she was a child star. Look at Gary Coleman, Danny Bonaduce, Corey Haim, and Robert Blake. Miley you’re next. Nicholas Cage is still alive? Oh, yeah…he’s putting out another crappy movie. By far the biggest fall from grace is Mel Gibson. He was America’s golden boy in the 80′s and 90′s. He directed and starred in Braveheart, one of the best movies ever. He franchised the Lethal Weapon movies with Danny Glover. He directed, starred in, or produced multiple other movies that were both critically acclaimed and well received by the public. Then began a long spiral of homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic statements that may have ended his career in the movie industry.

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