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McCain and Palin Together Again

25 Jan

By Rodimus Dunn

Not quite 18 months ago Arizona Senator John Sidney McCain III, the navy hero and POW, was touting himself as a “maverick,” and he chose an unknown wild card as his running mate for the 2008 presidential election. McCain stressed the importance of bi-partisanship, and his co-maverick running mate Sarah Louise Palin would serve as his foil (she being the staunch conservative). McCain lost the election for a host of reasons, but one of the primary reasons was that America did not think Sarah Palin was smart or experienced enough to assume the office of president if McCain (then 71 years old) was unable to complete his term. Despite producing an initial surge in the polls for McCain’s campaign, Palin and her social life were mocked by hosts of people, and she was essentially censored by McCain’s election advisers during and after the election was over. They even forced her to give back clothes they bought for her to wear during the campaign!!!

Fast forward to mid 2010, and the shoe is squarely on the other foot. McCain is in the fight of his life for his senate seat in Arizona against another conservative, JD Hayworth. Hayworth is, of course, saying that McCain is too much of a “maverick” to be a republican senate member in Arizona, and that the state needs someone more conservative (he coins it the “consistent conservative). McCain has now dropped the maverick label (it worked to get him electoral votes, apparently it doesn’t help him get Arizona senate votes), and is trying to be as conservative as he can be.  He was actually quoted as saying, “I never considered myself a maverick. I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities.” Moreover, he has enlisted the help of former punching bag Palin. Now he needs his much more popular “little sister” to help get him re-elected (even though his cronies made her look like a douche just 18 months ago). She has showed up at a few of his state campaign events in an effort to help McCain keep his senate seat.

Palin is now one of the most popular people in America (she is actually the 1st “Sarah” that pulls up in Google searches). She “resigned” as Alaska governor, and has taken a meteoric rise ever since. She earns six figures for giving speeches around the country, she has a segment on the Fox News Channel, she’s already written one book (with a 2nd one due out in late 2010), she hosts a show about Alaska on the Discovery Channel, she is one of the key players in the Tea Party, AND she is probably the top republican choice to battle against Barack Obama in 2012. Despite losing the election and governor position, this self proclaimed “hockey mom” has won the Stanley Cup with a hat trick in game 7. It is reported that Palin has earned roughly 12 million dollars since she resigned as governor (clearly that position was holding her back). Most of that money comes from her speaking fees, as she is one of the most sought after speakers in the nation. Her diva demands of bendable straws, only Lear jets of a certain size for air travel, 3 deluxe hotel rooms for her and her entourage, and pre-screened audience questions are easily accommodated by her many suitors.

After watching that mortifying Barbara Walters interview, who would have thought that just 18 months later, Sarah Palin would be in line to be the 1st women to win her party’s nomination for president, and John McCain would be struggling just to hold on to his senate seat? Funny is the fall and rise of the McCain/Palin 2008 campaign ticket only a mere 18 months later.

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