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Carmelo Anthony Sucks

19 Jan

Carmelo Anthony is a loser.  I wish I had a more descriptive, diplomatic, educated way to say that, but right now I really don’t.  Here are the salient facts:

  • Despite playing on a Denver team good enough to win a round or two in the playoffs, he wants to be traded to the New York Knicks
  • Anthony is from New York
  • Anthony has yet to sign the 3 year, $65 million extension Denver has had on the table for several months
  • Anthony may or may not sign the same deal if the proposed trade to New Jersey goes through
  • If he waits until next year to sign with the Knicks as a free agent, the new collective bargaining agreement won’t allow him to earn anything close to the amount Denver is currently offering
  • The New Jersey Nets will be moving to Brooklyn, New York in less than two years
  • The New Jersey Nets will essentially gut it’s team to acquire Anthony
  • Anthony’s wife is a DJ and television personality
  • Anthony is from New York
  • Anthony is a loser

Obviously its very important to Carmelo since he chose to play his college ball at Syracuse, when he could have gone to any other team in America.  Obviously his wife can get more acclaim and opportunity living in New York as opposed to Colorado.  Obviously Carmelo doesn’t care about winning, destroying his reputation and damaging his earning potential.  He may get more opportunities for his wife in the Big Apple, but his star would only dull similar to Lebron’s, as people would see him as a self-centered, overpaid diva (of course not nearly as much, since he’s nowhere near as popular as Lebron).  Not to mention people are just now forgetting about his stop snitching debacle and the drug paraphernalia issues from a few years ago.  Endorsing him comes with significant risk.
Denver is probably not poised to win a championship as currently constructed, but they are a good team that qualifies for the playoffs perennially.  This has never been said about the Nets.  Furthermore, the team will cease to exist with all of the booty it will require to obtain Anthony’s services.  As it stands now, they will trade their starting point guard (who is 2nd on the team in scoring and leads the team in assists and steals), starting shooting guard (who is 3rd on the team in scoring and leads the team in 3pt% and free throw %), best young player Derrick Favors (who is 3rd on the team in rebounds and blocks per game despite only playing in around 18 minutes per game), and two first round draft picks.  The Nets, always trying to build for the future, will receive Anthony, Chauncy Billups, and Richard Hamilton.  One could say that a lineup that now includes Anthony, Billups, Hamilton, and starting center Brook Lopez is now good enough to contend in the lousy eastern conference.  Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case.  Anthony and Billups are still playing well (even though Billups is 35 years old), but Hamilton is having his worst season since his rookie year, and has even lost his starting spot on the lowly Pistons.  In addition, he’s 32 years old, so it appears his best days are well behind him.  Lopez is averaging 18 points per game, but he shoots only 46% (pathetic for a bruising center) and he averages less defensive rebounds per game than the teams’ starting small forward.  This team has no chance at a playoff spot, especially considering that they’re already 17 games under .500.  Why would Anthony make such a stupid decision?

  • Anthony is from New York

Do Carmelo and his wife not realize that in 2011 one can easily reach all of the United States from anywhere?  Have they not heard of the internet?  Why wouldn’t Carmelo just wait until the season ends and see what the Knicks can do?  Does he just want the money and the chance to play in New York so much that he doesn’t care about losing two thirds of his games for the next 3 years?  Does he not care about damaging his reputation like his buddy Lebron just did?  Does he realize that even when the Nets move to Brooklyn, they will still be the red-headed stepchild?  Has he heard of the New York Mets, Chicago White Sox, New York Islanders, or Los Angeles Clippers?  Always being little brother is not a fun place to be, but I guess it doesn’t matter because:

  • Anthony is from New York

If Anthony actually allows the teams working on this massive trade (they’ve been hammering out details for several weeks) to reach an agreement, but decides that he doesn’t want to go to New Jersey, than he will still come off as a myopic, overpaid diva.  He’s given no indication that he wants to stay in Denver or go to New Jersey, Memphis, Houston, or any of his other rumored destinations.  The longer he lets this drag on, the more he appears to be divisive and self-serving.  No matter what he thinks, he’s alienating the fans in Denver, his teammates, and the rich guys who are willing to pay him tens of millions of dollars to play basketball.  Carmelo doesn’t care about any of this … he just wants to go to New York because:

  • Anthony is from New York

The funniest thing of all is that yes, Anthony was born in New York, but he grew up mainly in Baltimore (hence the “WB” tattoo on his chest.  In that case, why doesn’t he want to play for the Wizards?  They suck, just like the Nets, and they’re the closest team to his home town.  Maybe he’s not concerned about winning or going home after all?  Maybe it’s all about furthering his wife’s career and living in Manhattan?  The thing is no one knows the reasons, and if he continues to answer questions in such a cryptic manner people are going to make their own assumptions, and his image and bank account are going to suffer for it.

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