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Locker Room Chicanery

21 Jan

by Rodimus Dunn

My clothes are a little tight, I hope none of the guys notice

I can’t understand the hoopla with TV reporter Ines Sainz and the NY Jets.  Reportedly while she was on the sideline during practice a coach deliberately overthrew the players so the ball would land right next to where she was standing.  Moreover, later in the day when she was in the locker room waiting to interview Mark Sanchez, guys ogled her, made several catcalls, yelled “bonita senorita,” and “look at that.”  She admits to feeling uncomfortable, but not in any danger.  Apparently the NFL is looking into the situation.


putting on the appropriate locker room attire

I think the NFL needs to look into having female reporters in the locker room period.  Seriously, what good can come from a situation where you interrupt 53 ultra competitive guys who probably have three times the testosterone as the normal male?  What’s more, the players just finished engaging in brutal activity for three hours so their adrenaline is flowing at the highest level.  If you place a female into this equation, especially one like Sainz, it’s basically a ticking time bomb.  For those of you who don’t know, Sainz is, and typically dresses like, a Spanish television reporter … enough said.  Did everyone forget that most of these guys haven’t been told “no” or been really disciplined for anything since they’ve been about 15 years old (google Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger if you need reminder)?   Did everyone forget that most of these guys are very immature and have a sense of invincibility? Did everyone forget that most of these guys have more children than you can count on one hand from multiple different women (many of those children being the same age)?  Did everyone forget that these guys are naked, and that it’s a locker room?  I’m absolutely not condoning the Jets’ actions (especially the actions of coach during practice), but the locker room activity was simply an inevitability.  What happens if an innocent deer accidentally wanders into a pack of lions?  That poor deer is not going to get a mulligan despite not doing anything wrong.

you certainly don’t want to interrupt activities like this

The locker room interview is clearly an antiquated way to get uncensored thoughts and feelings from athletes.  With forced media obligations, twitter, youtube, camera phones, and TMZ, is it still even necessary?  Newspaper and beat writers swear they need this access to stay ahead of internet reporters and bloggers, but do we get more information from what the emotional player says in the locker room interview, the post game interview, or from what they ultimately tweet ten minutes later?  Moreover, who takes stock in what these guys say literally minutes after a crushing defeat?  I don’t, and if you do, you probably shouldn’t.  Yes these guys are macho and have lots of testosterone, but guess what; testosterone causes mood swings just like estrogen does.  I’m all for equality, so if women shouldn’t be allowed into the locker room, then male reports shouldn’t be allowed in either (even though taking reporters out of the locker room would prevent such awesome moments like this).  Are male reporters allowed into the locker room of WNBA teams or NCAA female athletic teams?  Of course they’re not, so isn’t there a ridiculous double standard here?  So a woman can be in a room full of naked (often fully naked, not just half naked) guys for over an hour but the guys can’t make silly, immature (albeit harmless) passes at said woman?  Huh?  I get that they’re supposed to be professional and fully accommodating, but when are they ever professional, and why is this even necessary?  Let’s leave the locker room for what it’s for, namely putting on clothes, and leave the reporters (female AND male) out of the equation, lest they be subject to inevitability … just like a deer wandering into a pack of lions.

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