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She Hates Me … But He Doesn’t

31 Jan

by Rodimus Dunn

There’s a nice collection of famous women that all us guys adore, but all women despise.  It would be wise not to mention her name, ask to see her movies or videos, and most certainly not start drooling when she graces us with her presence on the television…unless you’re in the mood for an argument. 5.  Kim Kardashian- She has absolutely no discernible skills or talents, yet she is mega-star simply because of her amazing curves and flawless skin.  Women aren’t really fond of people who are famous for no reason with the exception of models.  Men just can’t get enough of seeing her do basically anything (or even nothing at all).

4.  Katy Perry- The newlywed Mrs. Russell Brand is not well liked by her fellow females because she sets the woman’s movement back 20 years every time she appears anywhere.  Perry wears clothes that are way too tight and revealing, she showed way too much cleavage on Sesame Street, and women know guys only like her because of her never ending flaunting.  No man alive cares either way about her music, but we will never change the channel if one of her videos comes on. 3.  Jennifer Love Hewitt- Basically women don’t like her because she’s not a very good actress, yet she’s always getting work in Hollywood just because she has large breasts on a small frame.  Men don’t really know if she’s a good actress or not, but we’ll watch her craptastic movies just to see her body in HD.  Women are very aware of this fact, and it makes the venom towards her even more lethal.

2.  Angelina Jolie- Unlike many of the names on this list, Jolie’s artistic talents shouldn’t be in question.  What women don’t like about her is that the sexy vixen savagely stole the girl-next-door’s (Jennifer Aniston) husband; something they can all connect with.  What’s more, she steals/adopts children from foreign countries, openly discusses being bisexual (despite being a wife and mother), has numerous tattoos, reportedly wore a vial of blood, and romantically kisses her brother.  She’s basically too horrible and weird to have the heart of their hunk Brad Pitt.  These are all the reasons men love her (save for the incestuous stuff).

1.  Megan Fox- Women are not fond of Fox because they think she gets good roles based solely on her looks.  Despite seemingly little acting acumen, she’s considered an A-list actress.  What’s more, she seems to be a bit narcissistic, as she has much more positive opinions about her abilities than the public has.  Guys don’t hear a word she says; we only see her dark hair with blue eyes, sultry curves, visible tattoos, and strong attitude.  She’s almost like the 2nd coming of Angelina Jolie, and we love it.

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