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Tiger Woods is Wack

22 Jan


February 20, 2010 by Rodimus Dunn


I somewhat applaud Eldrick for apologizing in public for things that only his family needed apologies for. In all reality, it only matters to Elin and their kids how many porn stars and cocktail waitresses that he’s slept with in the back of his Escalade. The words in the apology were quasi-sincere (even though he glanced at his speech after every two words and tried to cry but couldn’t even do it), and he showed a lot more insight to the problem than I thought he would. My personal issue is that he is so disingenuous that it’s nauseating. I didn’t necessarily dissect Eldrick’s speech, but there were a few things about it that just made my skin crawl when I heard it.

I will ignore the fact that Woods didn’t allow any questions for his staged apology, despite inviting a few hand selected media members. However, the order of people that he apologized to was problematic. So he first apologized to Elin and his family, which was appropriate, but then he messed up by apologizing to his sponsors prior to apologizing to his fans. Really, Eldrick? I understand that your sponsors are the ones signing you to 7 and 8 figure contracts, but your loyal fans are the ones buying things from those sponsors to allow them to offer you so much money!

What is probably even more egregiously terrible is that the whole apology and sex addiction thing was a total farce. So it was confirmed that Mr. Woods was at a sex addiction clinic, but in his speech, he talked about thinking he was above the law and above reproach. He could basically do whatever he wanted because he worked hard and had money and fame. Then he acknowledged that he didn’t have to go very far to satisfy his temptations. Does that really sound like someone who has a sex addiction? When one sleeps with a plethora of women just because they think that they can, that doesn’t equate to a sex addiction. That equates to egomania. So basically that whole thing with him disappearing and being in “therapy” was a big farce, unless that therapy was to deal with his narcissism.

I agree with Eldrick that the media needs to leave his wife and children alone, and I totally empathized with his anger about his kid being stalked. However, I’m baffled about why he was oh so “angry” about people insinuating that his wife chased and beat him down with a 9-iron. Staring intently into the camera, he “angrily” asserts that Elin has never physically abused him and vice versa. Well, if he had simply given a quark sized amount of information about what happened Thanksgiving evening, people wouldn’t have to make up their own allegedly exaggerated stories. I don’t actually believe that anyone necessarily is entitled to know what happened in the Woods’ household early on that Black Friday morning, but I don’t think he can be so pious when something obviously happened, AND he refused to talk to the police about it.

I don’t think that Mr. Woods should be singled out and demonized for any of his transgressions and his lame apology, because he’s not alone in any of this. Eldrick, Kobe Bryant, and Alex Rodriguez are essentially the same individual. All three have a long history of scripting events, playing to the camera, and feigning camaraderie with others. So when Kobe gave his “apology” for his infidelity in Colorado, was it even remotely believable? When A-Rod “apologized/admitted” his steroid use, how can the accuracy of his statements be taken seriously. All of the same is true of Tiger … why should anyone believe him now?

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