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Worst New Years Resolutions

23 Jan

fat guy eating

1. I’m going on a diet – First of all, anything that you eat is your diet, so what you are proposing is a change of diet. Secondly, you are not going to change your diet appropriately. You are going to starve your body of some vital nutrients for about a month or two while trying the newest craze and then you are going to gorge on all the foods that you missed during that time. Next, your body is either going to return to your previous weight or balloon past it altogether. There are three ways to lose weight. Change your diet permanently by eating smaller portions or better foods, exercise to negate your bad eating habits and burn calories, or a combination of the two. Choose the easiest option for you.

2. I’m going to start going to mass/church/temple more – There are just as many lost people participating actively in different religions as there ignoring them. Take control of your spirituality and find your own personal answers. Your attendance in church should be more of a guide to introspection than a simple list of divine commands. Church is the conduit to your spirituality not the sole source of it.

3. I’m going to get closer to my family – Getting to know your family better is a noble idea, because the loss of the family structure is one of the biggest problems plaguing America right now. Children rarely grow up with both of their parents in the same household. Divorced parents means divided power amongst the parents. Kids now are less likely to have had to listen to their grandparents and aunts and uncles regularly. They are not getting instruction and direction from varying sources consistently. There are no clear authority figures, because younger parents are befriending and compromising with their children about decisions rather than leading and guiding them through decisions. The adult should have more insight and experience than their children, so the wants of any child should be deferred to the wishes of any rational parent.

4. I’m going to volunteer/or give to the poor – Charity is not a New Year’s Resolution. It is a mindset. People that want to give, do give and it does not take a holiday and a resolution. Make up your mind to give more of yourself and you will.

5. I’m going to go back to school – You have too many bills. The kids are growing out of their clothes too quickly. You can not get financial aid with your credit score. People that want to do something, find a way to get them done. If you want to better your own life. Plan how to save money until you have enough for a semester. You can take classes separately if it is necessary. But, if you want to go school find a way.

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