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Movie’s Hottest Iconic Women

26 Mar

1. Farrah Fawcett – This poster had a generation of young men watching Charlie’s Angels and catapulted Farah Fawcett to cult status.

2. Bo Derek – Bo Derek’s slow motion run on the beach, is one of the most popular slow motion scenes in cinematic history.

3. Pam Grier – Pam Grier is the queen of the blaxploitation films.

4. Sophia Loren – This classic Italian beauty has been a symbol of femininity and grace for half a century.

5. Jane Fonda – Barbarella was one of the biggest sex symbols of the 60′s.

6. Jayne Mansfield – She was Marilyn Monroe before Marilyn Monroe was popular.

7. Bettie Page – Page was a cult phenomenon. She brought the underground culture of S&M to the forefront.

8. Cindy Crawford – Cindy Crawford is one of the first and the most popular supermodel ever. She set a standard of beauty with her beauty mole.

9. Raquel Welch – Raquel Welch has remained a sex symbol for over thirty years. Her name is synonymous with cleavage.

10. Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn Monroe could be the biggest sex symbol that has ever existed.

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