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Places That Get Expensive Fast

17 Mar

1. Places with no clocks – If you are in a room with no clocks, then get ready to lose a lot of money. The only places with no clocks are casinos and if you stay long enough, you will eventually lose all of your money. In every game at a casino, the odds weigh heavily in the favor of the establishment. You are constantly bombarded with drinks, bright lights, and multiple opportunities to lose your money. And, you will lose it, if you keep playing.

2. Places with balloons – There are only two types of places that keep balloons, children’s stores and car dealerships. Both of these two places are grossly over-priced. Toy stores are full of ridiculous creations that kids would ignore for a box and some chalk. The more gaudy the invention the more expensive it is. Car dealerships are even worse than toy stores because their product loses half its value in a month. Salesmen crowd around you and harass you constantly to buy the car with the most amenities for the highest price, and the second that you leave the dealership it loses some of its value.

3. Places with no windows – Strip clubs are the only places of business that have no windows. There is a special reason that they do not have windows. There is an excess of entrapment and debauchery that occurs in those buildings. Men are attacked by an assortment of different stimuli, like flashing lights, pounding music, and scantily clad women. There is no defense for disorienting music and half-naked women. Places without windows have things happening that the public should not see.

4. Places that smell like perfume – Department stores and an old favorite, strip clubs, are the two establishments that have workers with a lot of perfume. In one establishment the workers are wearing it, in the other, they are trying to make you wear it. In exotic dancing establishments you are over-run with glitter-covered, sweet-scented women trying to get you to buy their affection. In department stores, women follow you around, spraying sweet scents into the air to get you to try to buy another woman’s affection.

5. Places with mascots – Theme parks, colleges, and sporting events are the only venues with mascots present. They are all also very expensive. Theme parks are like casinos. Your money comes in with you, but you are soon separated from it. There are various dolls, hats, and other paraphernalia that your children will beg you to buy. Everything in the place costs money from the rides to the over-priced food. College tuition rises every year despite the lack of jobs and the diminishing quality of education. And sporting events

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