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Moves That Need to be Made in the NFL Offseason

18 May

May16, 2011

1.  The Texans need to find a way to sign the veteran cornerback, Nnamdi Asoumaguo РThe Houston Texans almost completed a historically terrible year against the pass. For most of the 2010 season they were on pace to break the record handily. They have a proven, new defensive coordinator in Wade Phillips. They have a new system, the 3-4 defense. Now, they need a dominant corner that can teach their young talent how to play. He is a free agent this offseason and the Texans have the money available under the salary cap. He and Coach Phillips could solidify a talented, but underachieving Texans defense. They need to make it happen.

2. The Cardinals need to sign Donovan McNabb – There are multiple rumors about Arizona swinging some major deal involving draft picks with Philadelphia for Kevin Kolb. If the Cardinals can pull this off, then it is the perfect move. They would get a young quarterback who can throw the ball down field to one of the best wide receivers in the league, Larry Fitzgerald, for years to come. But, it will not happen this season. The Philadelphia Eagles have said on numerous occasions that they are not willing to let Kolb go to another squad yet. They need insurance for the electrifying, but oft-injured Michael Vick. Donovan McNabb is great at connecting on the deep ball and went to a Super Bowl in the lone year that he had a top flight receiver. The Cardinals are poised for a good run in a weak division if they can get Fitzgerald the football.

3. Randy Moss should tryout for Washington – By the numbers, Randy Moss is a Hall of Fame wide receiver. With a new quarterback starting for the third time in three years, there needs to be stability at the wide receiver position. With Santana Moss across from him, they would give the Redskins their first formidable passing attack in years. This would also relieve some of the pressure on the running game.

4. Cam Newton should sit for at least a year – Newton has the chance to be special at the professional level. He has all the tools, size, good decision-making, a big arm, and quick feet, but he is not ready to play. He has all the same obstacles that any rookie quarterback would face, like learning a new playbook, learning to read NFL defenses, and cleaning up his footwork. However, he also faces the specific challenges that come with playing a version of the spread offense instead of a traditional pro style offense. The spread is beginning to reach the NFL, but it has not supplanted 3-5-7 step drops yet.

5. Matt Hasselbeck should try the Panthers – They need a solid quarterback to teach Newton the ropes. Steve Smith needs a professional that can get him the ball. It should be a match made in heaven.

6. Indy should court Mathias Kiwanuka РRobert Mathis is both big and versatile enough to line up at defensive  tackle or his regular position defensive end. The addition of Kiwanuka would potentially solidify both ends of the Indianapolis defensive line and stuff the middle. Their defense could possibly become the attacking unit that it once was when Dungy was at the helm. That defense with a healthy Bob Sanders won a Super Bowl.

7. Quintin Mikell should play safety for Indianapolis – When healthy, Bob Sanders is one of the pure play makers left in the National Football League. However, he has not been healthy in at least 4 years. The Colts need a reliable backup and Mikell could play both strong safety and a little free safety, leaving Bethea free to roam on some plays.

8. Michael Bush should sign with the Giants – The Giants running attack has become less physical and imposing each year since their Super Bowl win. The vaunted New York defensive front line was able to attack with reckless abandon because they were rested by the offense proclivity for punishing rushes. Bush brings the downhill style that Brandon Jacobs had.

9. The Jets should court Vincent Jackson – Braylon Edwards is a headcase and is not nearly as sure-handed as Jackson. He would give Mark Sanchez a bonafide #1 receiver and make Santonio Holmes even more unstoppable if he resigns. Plus, they could get him at a reasonable price because of all his off-field antics this past season. The Jets defense is set; the offense needs to keep making strides to become a Super Bowl champion.

10. Matt Light should go to the Bears – Matt Light could stabilize the Chicago Bears shaky offensive line. He watched Tom Brady’s blind side for a few years and would give Cutler the extra time that he needs to complete some of Mike Martz’s longer timing routes.

11. Steve Smith(NYG) should play for the Buccaneers – Steve Smith was a top flight wide receiver in the NFL just two years ago. He was a league leader in receptions and was the go-to receiver for Eli Manning in New York. Now with Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks surpassing him as options in the New York offense, he is suddenly expendable. The Tampa Buccaneers are slowly building a good team and need a quality wideout. If his return from injury is successful, he could thrive with a good, young quarterback, Josh Freeman, and a promising, young receiver, Mike Williams.

12. Antonio Cromartie should become a Steeler – The Pittsburgh Steelers terrifying defense is slowly losing some of its teeth. Polamolu though, electrifying is becoming injured more frequently and the Clark and Taylor are losing a step. Cromartie could bring some excitement and much-needed athleticism back to the secondary. He is a threat to return an interception every time he touches the football, just like Polamolu and could hone his technique with Pittsburgh.

13. DeAngelo Williams should become a Colt – The Indy offense needs a quick, strong running back that can lessen the load on Peyton Manning. Manning has proven that he can win games with any wide receiving corp, but can not compete in the playoffs without a good option in the backfield. Williams is that back if healthy.

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