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May 2011

8 May

1.       If you called in sick to work and/or woke up at like 4 AM to watch the royal wedding, then you are a grade A, certifiable, loser.  I get that this was the 1st royal wedding that anyone cared about in almost 25 years, and I get that it was watched by roughly 2 billion, but please remember, it was a wedding.  Has anyone ever had fun at a wedding that wasn’t their own, let alone watch one on television?  Receptions are fun with crazy speeches and endless streams of alcohol, but not weddings.  Waking up that early to watch a wedding is ridiculous, especially considering that the wedding will be available on the internet until the end of time, and it will probably be aired on the BBC ad nauseam.  Lastly, has anyone cared about the royals before all this wedding talk?  I don’t recall them having any recent relevance, and in all honesty, the wedding should be included in the irrelevance category.  The only good thing that came of the wedding for the general public is that we got introduced to the hottie that is Pippa Middleton … the bride’s sexy sister.

2.       Donald Trump is an idiot.  I totally get him jumping on the “birther” bandwagon, since it’s an easy way for a fringe candidate to get attention, and because it doesn’t require any actual political acumen.  Trump questioning Obama’s college performance and requesting a release of the President’s transcripts is just ridiculous.  He mentions knowing plenty of guys with smart sons who have great test scores who don’t get in to Harvard.  Guess what Donald, countless great students don’t get accepted to Harvard. The school only accepts roughly 7% of its applicants that’s why it’s Harvard!  Connected people get their family and friends into schools, restaurants, bars, clubs, events, etc, that others cannot.  This is a fact of life, and one of the major reasons everyone aspires to be rich.  Obama graduated magna cum laude from law school, was editor of their law review, and is obviously very intelligent.  There are plenty of things that he needs to be criticized for, but this isn’t one of them.

3.       Television shows that lose their main star just need to be canceled.  I read today that the producers of Two and a Half Men were working on scripts and ideas for next season without Charlie Sheen.  No one watched that show for the co-star and that little kid … whatever their names are.  There is no Two and a Half Men without Sheen, just like there’s no The Office without Steve Carrell, no Scrubs without Zach Braff, and no Spin City without Michael J. Fox.  Network executives need to stop trying to be greedy and cut their losses when the main draw is gone, which avoids the embarrassment of cancelling the show 6 months later because the ratings are garbage.

guess what CBS, no one watched the show because of this guy

4.       According to an IMF report on April 25th, China’s economy will surpass the United States’ by 2016.  The ridiculous almost $15 trillion national debt is surely aiding America’s decent into second place.  I agree with Republicans that we have to cut this debt quickly, and that Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security need to be seriously overhauled (especially considering that there will be no more money in approximately 12 years).  Unfortunately for American politicians there’s going to be a civil war regarding cutting Medicare.  There’s never been this many senior citizens in America, and they’ve never been able to live this long.  Completely outrageous healthcare and prescription costs have made seniors essentially dependent on Medicare money.  The system needs some serious amending, but as Paul Ryan and some others have recently discovered, the seniors aren’t going to accept any changes without a fight.  As one sign read at a recent meeting, “Keep your hands off my Medicare.”

5.       Last night’s 1st round of the NFL Draft was more exciting than a couple of NBA games and an NHL game.  The draft was highly entertaining, and having just the 1st round on the initial night makes everything so much more compelling.  Uncertainty regarding the lockout, the ambiguity of almost every pick, and watching Roger Goodell get booed hellaciously made this must see tv.  The one thing I could have done without was watching all the draftees talk on the cell phones for minutes after their name was called … just a bit too Hollywood.  Even though the Stanley Cup Playoffs are fantastic, hockey has become nothing more than a niche sport in America since the lockout, and no matter how much the contract is worth, televising games on the Versus network is a disaster.  Last night’s NBA playoff games were rather nondescript, and the most interesting part of the telecast was the halftime and postgame appearances by Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson.  Only 4 teams have a legitimate chance to win the championship, and until those teams square off, my interest will not peak.

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