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June 2011

1 Jun

Dear Answers From Men,

Who had the bigger fall from grace this month Anthony Weiner, or the city of Vancouver?

Doug; Boston, Massachusetts

Vancouver is Canada’s illegitimate son. There is no point to visiting Canada, unless you are visiting Toronto or making your way to Amsterdam. Even a mass riot can pull them into the news for more than a few days. It gave people confirmations that their choice to ignore Vancouver on the map was legitimized. Anthony Weiner, by far, had the bigger fall from grace. Hell, he had one of the biggest falls from grace in recent history short of Arnold Schwarzenegger (and he was hated more because his mistress looked old and frumpy than for his love child being hidden from the general public and Schwarzenegger’s family for ten years). There are very few things that are truly expected of politicians. They are not expected to tell the truth, they are expected to have a little dirty laundry like an affair, and they are assumed to be greedy and possibly corrupt. On the very small list of things that a politician can not do, is kill someone intentionally (Dick Cheney “accidentally” shot someone) and show his goods on the internet. With a last name like his, attempting to expose his “Weiner” should be the last thing that he does.

Dear Answers From Men,

Since this is Father’s Day month, what are best and worst things you learned from your dad?

Melissa; Des Moines, Iowa


The best thing that I learned from my dad is to be decisive and see that choice through to the end. Too many people fail because they do not have the consternation to stick with a sound choice that they have made. The worst thing that I have learned from my dad was probably completely unintentional, but the lesson was well received nonetheless. I learned how to communicate from my father. Men, in general, express themselves through gestures and activities with the people that they care about. Bonds are understood, not expressed. This handicapped me in many of my relationships and even sometimes in my marriage. Men need to learn to emote more feelings than anger and happiness.

Dear Answers From Men,

Even though Tiger Woods has a busted up knee and Lebron James is physically fine, it seems as if both are in need of a good therapist.  Which do you think will happen first, Lebron winning a title or Tiger winning another major?

Omar; LA, California

LeBron James will win a title before Tiger Woods wins another major. The Heat are primed to win a championship next year. They have the most talented squad. They will be able to address some of their personnel needs this offseason, and LeBron will be able to vanquish his demons in relative obscurity. The Heat also have a “new” team leader in Dwayne Wade. He was by far the best player in the Finals for Miami and LeBron could facilitate for the team. Tiger Woods is turning 30, his knee is shot, and his psyche is in the same shape as LeBron’s. He may never win another major because he will not let his knee heal properly before returning to play.

Dear Answers From Men,

Summer starts on the 21st, what trends are you most excited about seeing?

Bhavin; Omaha, Nebraska

Sundresses are awesome.

The best trend of the summer is the always when the ladies begin to wear less clothing to battle the heat. We start to see minis with open-toed shoes. The bikinis are taken out of retirement for all-day trips to the beach. There are a plethora of tank tops and tube tops with no bras because it so hot outside. But, the best trend by far of the summer, is the arrival of sundresses. Like wild flowers on a deserted isle, they pop up in vibrant colors randomly with no reason or warning. Women appear more feminine and ultimately more sexy with more clothing on. Strangely, in this case, more clothing is better than less.

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