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Best Cities in the United States

7 Jul

10. San Francisco, California – Yes, San Francisco is the mecca of the gay community in the United States. But, it also has some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes of any U.S. city and one of the best night lives too. The streets are immaculately clean and the natural hillsides and mountains are breath-taking. You can visit one of the numerous farmer’s market around the city, go to Napa Valley for wine tasting, or you can make your way to the historic Fisherman’s Wharf or Golden Gate Bridge. The clubs scene is burgeoning and innovative. San Francisco is an experience like no other.


9. Aspen, Colorado – Going to Aspen is like taking a vacation in a small college town. The entire experience consists of mountains, precipitation covered forests, and snow bunnies. The terrain is gorgeous and so are the women. There are world class skiing resorts in the winter time and white water rafting in the summer. And like any college town in a wooded area, there are not too many of activities to do that do not involve beds.


8. Miami, Florida – Miami houses some of the most stunning women in the world. There is a strong Latin community established there, which is made up of some of the most feminine women in the nation. Plus, Miami is a tropical city. And, wherever there is hot weather and water nearby, there are pretty women in skimpy clothes. The different ethnic foods are amazing. The nightlife is world-renowned and the beaches have white sands and blue water.


7. Las Vegas, Nevada – If Vegas had just one activity in the entire city that was not made to drain you of every red cent that you own, then it could have come in as the number one city on this list. Vegas never sleeps and the theme of the city is do what you want, but don’t talk about it once you leave the city limits. If you cannot find someone to sleep with you in Vegas, then you should crawl into corner, roll into a ball, and die. There is a casino on every corner and a club in every casino. Vegas makes having fun easy.


6. Atlanta, Georgia – Southern hospitality is at its best in Atlanta. This city has the size, history, all the night life, and amenities of an East Coast city with the feel of a small country town. You can visit the Underground Mall which was one of the first of its kind. You can take in an Atlanta Braves or Hawks game. You can visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and his former college, Morehouse.


5. Dallas, Texas – Everything is bigger in Texas. Dallas has more strip clubs than any city in the nation besides Las Vegas. Dallas is the home of the world’s biggest steak, the Dallas Cowboys own the world’s biggest television screen, and the Dallas Mavericks own the 2011 World Championship. Dallas is all about excess and capitalism. It is a small representation of the American dream.

This is 6th Street on any given night.

4. Austin, Texas – Imagine all the different cultures and the beautiful scenery of San Francisco with twice the women and everyone about 10-15 years younger. You have just imagined Austin. Austin is the sex capital of the U.S. rated by prophylactics sales, sexually transmitted disease rates, and birth rates. Sixth Street by itself is a party waiting to happen. Downtown Austin is littered with hot coeds, fine art, good and diverse food, and bars and night clubs. Everything that you desire is waiting for you somewhere in Austin.


3. Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles attracts some of the most beautiful women in the world. The name “The City of Angels” is well-deserved. The prospect of fame and fortune, no matter how faint,  draws local models, former homecoming queens from small towns, and aspiring actresses from everywhere. The city moves fast, but the people move slowly. That is best aspect of California, the attitude of the people. Nothing is a big deal there. LA is all about enjoying yourself.


2. New York City, New York – If you want it, you can find it in New York. The modeling industry brings a bevy of tall, stunningly beautiful women to the Big Apple. The city houses entrepreneurs of all types and possibly the largest variety of different cultures in the world. New York is one of the fastest moving cities in the world. There is literally always an exclusive gala to attend or a hot party and after party to enjoy. New York has almost every cuisine imaginable in its perimeters and their respective cultures too. It is a hotbed for fame and prosperity. As they say, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

1. New Orleans, Louisiana – Everything about this city some base in debauchery. From the rich entrees, to the decadent desserts, to the glutinous drinking, and the rampant sexual depravity, visiting New Orleans is akin to being invited to and participating in the best block party that you could have imagined and experienced personally. The French Quarter, the site of the world famous Mardi Gras celebration, extends for over 100 blocks. However, most people congregate in an eight block stretch. If you have a vice, it can and will be satiated within a twelve block walk on Bourbon Street. Whether that vice is men, women, food, alcohol, or gambling, it can be found in New Orleans. There are 24-hour casinos for the degenerates, both men and women that are exposing themselves in plain sight of the law for the sex-crazed, and legislation that allow alcoholics to imbibe strong, mixed drinks that are sold on street corners. The drinks are inexpensive costing only $5-$10, and perfectly legal as long as they are sold in plastic containers. In addition to all this, New Orleans has some of the finest local cuisine that is available in the United States. The cuisine is a fusion of French, Spanish, and Southern cooking techniques. This city caters to individuals and everyone should visit New Orleans at least once in their lifetime.

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