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Palin is the Way to the White House

3 Jul

by Rodimus Dunn


should I run…?

As much as the Republican Party would hate to admit this, they absolutely need Sarah Palin to run for president in the 2012 election.  This time last year Barack Obama was a guaranteed one term president, and Palin was easily more popular than the nation’s 44th president.  The economy sucked, the BP oil spill was in full force, gas prices were up, and Obamacare was even splitting up the Democratic Party.  By contrast, the former Alaska governor galvanized the Tea Party Movement to produce tremendous midterm election success, spearheaded the Pink Elephant Movement, traveled domestically and abroad for speaking engagements, and purchased a home in Arizona.  Things were looking great for a triumphant White House take over.  Everything changed May 1, 2011 when Obama ok’d the raid to capture Osama bin Laden.  Plenty has changed since that day, and even more will change by November 2012.

Subsequently after Bin Laden was killed, Obama’s approval rating went through the roof.  For the 1st time in his presidency it appeared that a second term was a foregone conclusion.  Of course American politics don’t work that way, and as the economy slumped again in June, so did his popularity.  This was the opportunity Republicans needed to build and carry momentum to a victory in the election; unfortunately there isn’t really anyone ready to take the reins.  The potential candidates don’t invoke confidence in even the most loyal conservative: Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman, and Michele Bachmann.  Yuck.  Romney is the favorite, but that’s not saying much.  Moreover, he’s of the Mormon faith, and I’m not sure everyone in America is ready to elect a non Christian … especially after all the hoopla over Obama’s religion.  Pawlenty is governor of Minnesota, but he can’t win because he doesn’t have enough National cache, and his name isn’t cool enough to be the president (not to be flip, but most US presidents have great names.  Gingrich is a retread, Huntsman is a long shot, and Bachmann has no chance (the only female with a chance is Palin).  Potential Obama adversaries with some actual clout are Rick Perry and Rudy Giulani, but neither has put their name in officially.


if you don’t know who this guy is now, you probably won’t vote for him next November


The pu-pu platter of candidates is exactly why the GOP needs Palin to officially run.  She has garnered national acclaim ever since the 2008 election, and is easily the most recognizable political figure next to Obama.  Her potential liabilities are her social life and polarizing status.  Luckily for the GOP, her potentially divisive views could unite the party.  Best case scenario for the Republican Party is that Palin wins the popularity contest to get the party nomination, and gets into a battle with Obama and his liberal views, which many think are destroying the country.  Worst case scenario for conservatives is that during the GOP race she becomes a little too extreme and they use her as a scapegoat.  All of the top players in the party will throw their support to one of the loser candidates, and suddenly that guy will actually become a true Democratic adversary.  It’s kind of like Jay Cutler for the Chicago Bears.  The Broncos dumped him to Chicago, and everyone kept talking about how great he was.  The talk never ceased, and the world actually started to believe it because Chicago was winning.  Cutler is highly overrated, but what does it matter if he gets the paycheck and the acclaim of a true champion?  In the same vein, what would it matter if the overmatched Pawlenty or Huntsman gets a huge bump in publicity at the expense of Palin?  It wouldn’t matter at all if they won the Republican nomination for president, and took down Obama in 2012.  Either by winning or becoming a martyr, Sarah Louise Palin is the GOP’s key to taking down Obama next November.  Only time will tell if she’s up for the challenge.

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