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Random Rants 4

15 Jul

Observations about the state of sports during the dog days of summer…

Miguel Angel Jimenez stretching- Just watch the clip, there is nothing more to add.


When PTI has substitute hosts- Pardon the Interruption is easily the best show on ESPN, and probably the best sports show currently on television.  The chemistry between Kornheiser and Wilbon is obvious, so when they disagree, it feels like just like a sports debate any guy would have with one of his buddies.  In addition, Tony’s witty quips and ridiculous costumes always keep things fresh.  That being said, there is no bigger downer than when Around the Horn mercifully ends, PTI starts, and there are guest hosts.  No offense to them personally, but I don’t really care about the opinions of Bob Ryan, Dan Le Batard, Ricky Reily, J.A. Adande, or Dan Shaughnessy.  To me a guest host for PTI is the equivalent of picking up a hot chick at the bar, and on the way back to your place to seal the deal, you get into a car accident.

Please go away; you are not Kornheiser or Wilbon



Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds go free- Even though it’s patently obvious to anyone with a cerebrum that these two guys used steroids and lied about it, I don’t really know if they deserve to go to prison.  Should two arrogant idiots take the blame for a generation of cheaters?  None of that is important anyway, since neither will get jail time; the pressing matter is the ignorance of the US government.  In both instances several years and tens of millions of dollars were spent to create a case against Bonds and Clemens.  The tens of millions of dollars is by no means an exaggeration.  During the country’s greatest economic struggle since the Great Depression, who actually thought it was a good idea to spend so much tax money on prosecuting these guys?  If such federal money was going to be wasted, I at least wanted to see a successful case, not a loss in Bonds case, and a mistrial in the Clemens case.


NFL Lockout was a total waste of time- Any day now the players and owners will sign a new collective bargaining agreement, saving football from the depths of despair.  Once again, who didn’t think the NFL owners and players would come up with an agreement prior to the season?  Although exceedingly greedy, the owners are not stupid enough to spit in the face of a guaranteed 9 billion dollars.  The most annoying part of the lockout was all the wasted coverage.  No actual football was missed (save for OTAs, which is a waste of time anyway), and the sport will remain just as strong as ever.  Four months of posturing, court cases, lawyer speak, and hemorrhaging money basically only resulted in players not being able to talk to their coaching staff during the summer.  Strong work fellas.


Collectively trying to figure out the hardest way to split 9 billion dollars evenly between two groups



Perspective on Derek Jeter- I’m by no means a Yankee fan (for full disclosure, I hate the Yankees, and am annoyed how they and the Red Sox try to buy a World Series every year), but I’m tired of the vitriol being passed Jeter’s way.  He’s not overrated, he’s probably not a selfish bastard, and he wasn’t just some guy who was at the right place at the right time.  That being said, I’ve heard some very off base comments about him considering his place as the 1st Yankee ever to amass 3000 hits.  Jeter is absolutely NOT the greatest New York Yankee of all-time.  He’s easily behind Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, and DiMaggio.  If one wants to consider defense, he may even be behind Yogi Berra.  I know the Captain has 5 gold gloves, but it has been established for years that Jeter’s defense is well below league average.  At any rate, I still put him above Berra, and behind DiMaggio.  Holding a position as a top 5 player in that storied organization is remarkable.  Secondly, Jeter is absolutely NOT the best shortstop of all time.  Funny enough, if everyone’s favorite whipping boy AROD had never joined the Yankees, he would’ve possibly retired as the best shortstop of all-time.  Jeter will never pass Honus Wagner or Cal Ripken Jr., which is totally acceptable, but he may slide nicely into 3rd place.  If one considers postseason performance, he’s probably above Ozzie Smith, Barry Larkin, Allan Trammell … even if defense is factored into the equation.  So to sum everything up, Jeter is top 5 in both scenarios, and he gets dates with top 5 supermodels whenever he desires.


Who needs 3000 hits when you can have one of those?


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