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Is Rick Perry Crazy or A Genius?

22 Aug

Two differing opinions by two self proclaimed “moderates.”


Rick Perry is a Dope


He talked about seceding from the union

Literally just two years ago Perry made a veiled threat about the possibility of Texas leaving the United States. This is the guy we want to run our country? He has been governor of Texas for almost 12 years now (a national record), so maybe the power of sovereignty has gotten to his head.

Texas is 49 out of 50 states in education

Here are some very sobering statistics regarding Rick Perry’s state and education:
-Texas is 49th in verbal SAT scores in the nation and 46th in average math SAT scores
-Texas has the fewest percentage of adults with high school diplomas, compared to the other U.S. states
-Pay increases for Texas’s teachers have not kept up with the national average
This essentially means that if Perry is elected president eventually no one in America will be able to read, US students will fall even further behind other country’s scholastic aptitude, and all the teachers will resign.

His stance(s) on gay marriage makes no sense

Perry said that he was in favor of New York deciding to approve same-sex marriage because it was their Constitutional right. On the other hand, he is in favor of a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. Furthermore, he also called the Texas same-sex anti-sodomy law “appropriate.” Am I the only one confused?

He’s too much of a bible thumper to be good in foreign diplomacy

Rick Perry would not be the 1st self-proclaimed Christian to run for the presidency. In fact, Barack Obama, contrary to some belief, says openly that he is a born again Christian. Perry blurs the line between church and state like no other, as he regularly speaks at churches, often quotes the bible, and ignores the Supreme Court’s ruling for no organized prayer in school. Will this turn off non-Christian Americans? Will this be a factor in deliberations with Muslim countries that already have a strained relationship with the US? Perry may even be too overly religious for anyone except for extreme conservatives.

The Texas jobs are all government sector

As the US economy continues to suffer, Texas has produced over 100,000 jobs since the recession began. Perry’s campaign slogan, “Together we can get America working again!” illustrates how powerful that message, dubbed the “Texas miracle,” really is. Unfortunately economists have taken some wind out of the Perry’s job creation boat’s sail. According to US News & World Report, in the past three years Texas has created a net 75,000 jobs. 115,000 of those jobs are public sector, or government jobs, and 40,000 private sector jobs have been lost. Essentially the “Texas miracle” is nothing but big government giving enough money to a big state with a growing population to create federal jobs. Yikes.

Elect Governor Perry Today!!!



All states collected gov’t money; he created jobs, they didn’t

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 distributed billions of dollars to each state (Wyoming and New Hampshire received just under a billion each) to boost their economies. Regardless of what sector those jobs are in, the Perry led Texas created more jobs than any other state by far. California collected twice as much money as Texas, but there is no “California miracle.” Perry played the hand he was dealt, and he may not have gotten blackjack, but he still got 21.

His idea about senators is genius

Perry, along with a growing host of conservatives, wants to repeal the 17th amendment to the Constitution. Doing so would cease the direct election of senator by the public. Is this really as radical as it sounds? We don’t directly elect the President of the United States or the Supreme Court Justices … why should senators be any different? Everyone is complaining about how idiotic congress has become in the last few years, but the problem stems from all of us. We’re the ones who voted them into those positions!

America was founded on Christianity; he isn’t afraid to say it

The pilgrims came to America so they could practice their religion (Christianity) freely. Our currency has reference to the Christian God, the country’s pledge of allegiance has a reference to the Christian God, the full version of the Star Spangled Banner has a reference to the Christian God, the Declaration of Independence has a reference to the Christian God. Like it or not, America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and ideals. Perry blurs the line between church and state, and that should be expected from a politician who is an avid disciple of his/her religion. He shouldn’t be denigrated for expressing his religious beliefs; in fact, he should probably be lionized.

He’s packing heat

How awesome is it that our potential President has a concealed handgun license and carries a gun? Not only is Perry packing, he’s signed several bills in favor of those with a license to carry. One of those bills was called the castle doctrine, and it basically increased the rights for someone who has to use deadly force against home intruders. Why should I have any liability because some douche tried to break into my home? Once again, Perry should be praised for his forward thinking.

One Response to “Is Rick Perry Crazy or A Genius?”

  1. John December 8, 2012 at 12:08 AM #

    Why should he have to agiolpoze for the something that demonstrates that he can take a strong stand? The in-state tuition issue is really not that big of a deal. What takes character is Perry standing up to the, frankly, heartless elements of his own party. It’s sad to see him being forced to back away from a true leadership stance.

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