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Sports Greatest Underachievers

30 Aug

Vince Carter/Tracy McGrady- This sad duo of cousins should each have a plaque in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, but arrogance, injury, and softness only get them a spot on this list.

John Daly- He’s essentially the golf version of Mike Tyson.  Prodigious talent, but mental, substance, and gambling issues kept Daly from realizing his potential.  He’s won two Majors and has a career driving average of 309 yards, but none of that matters when you’re too drunk to finish a round … or even a tournament.

Dwight Gooden/Darryl Strawberry- These two New York Met stars from the mid 1980s had Hall of Fame beginnings to their careers.  Unfortunately they also found cocaine at the beginning of their careers.

As Rick James famously said, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”


Albert Haynesworth- It’s rather hard to loaf on a football field because the success of a play requires that all 11 players are in sync.  The mountainous Haynesworth is the exception, but he keeps getting opportunities because he’s so damn talented.  When he’s in shape and motivated there’s not a more disruptive defender in the game.  Unfortunately, after he got a massive contract from the Redskins, those moments of disruption have become few and far between.

Allen Iverson- Despite being generously listed at 6 feet and 165 pounds, the Answer averaged over 26 points and 6 assists per game in his career, and that’s with spending almost no time going to practice.  If he didn’t go to practice, do you think he spent any time before/after games and between seasons working on his game?  Me neither.  If he had spent the time to develop a jump shot he would easily be a top 10 all-timer.

Lebron James- He’s basically got Karl Malone’s body with the quickness and handle of a point guard.  Why has it been 8 years and he still hasn’t developed even a semblance of a low post game?  Yes he has two MVP awards, but Dallas exploited his underachieving off-season routine during the NBA Finals.

Eric Lindros- He had everything a hockey player needs to be an all time great, strength, size, speed, and soft hands.  Outside of the active players, only three players with a similar amount of points per game are not in the Hall of Fame (and Joe Sakic will be inducted as soon as soon as he is eligible).  Lindros was the 1st big guy to have the skills of a little guy.  Unfortunately countless injuries limited him to only 760 career games (he essentially missed 1/3 of all the games he could have played in his career).  What could have been?

Floyd Mayweather- It’s hard to argue with “Money May’s” results, as he has never lost in his professional career.  The problem is that Mayweather only has 25 knockouts in his 41 victories, and like Manny Pacquiao, he hasn’t fought a gauntlet of legitimate opponents in his prime.  May is quicker, faster, and a better defender than any boxer we’ve seen in a long time.  Much more is expected from the guy who claims that he is the best ever.

Randy Moss- No receiver in NFL history, maybe no NFL player had the combination of speed, size, and skill that Moss had.  He should have destroyed all of Jerry Rice’s records, but he was too busy practicing his pathetic mantra of “I play when I want to play.”

Greg Norman- How can someone in the World Golf Hall of Fame, with two Majors victories, and 20 career PGA tour victories be regarded as an underachiever?  Easily, if that same person also has 8 second place finishes in Majors and enough choking episodes to make Lebron James envious.  The Shark shouldn’t have the same number of Majors victories as John Daly; instead he should be remembered as one of the greatest ever.

Shaquille O’neal- The self proclaimed MDE (most dominant ever) could have also been the greatest ever if he spent as much time staying in shape as he did making horrible music, putrid movies, and throwing ex-teammates under the bus.

Why wasn’t he in shape like this all the time?


Lamar Odom- A physical freak … Odom has the size of a center, the quickness of a small forward, the range of a shooting guard, and the handle of a point guard.  Why in the hell does he play so inconsistently that he has to come off the bench?  And more importantly, what is his deal with candy, and why did he marry the ugly Kardashian sister?

Manny Ramirez- Despite never watching film, studying pitchers, and wearing a jersey about 5 sizes too big, “Manny being Manny” has career numbers better than all but a handful of Hall of Famers.  The sad thing is that because he didn’t really care about his sport he’s more known for being aloof, his ridiculous antics, being a laughable defensive player, and taking female fertility drugs.

Yes, he actually did go inside the Green Monster to take a leak

Andy Roddick- Roddick was supposed to be America’s next great tennis player, but it just never happened.  Its unfathomable that someone who has quite possibly the fastest serve in the history of tennis never learned to volley and has only one one career major.  Roddick has been coached by such studs as Jimmy Conners and Larry Stefanki, but as many on this list prove, underachievement is a powerful opponent.  I understand that Roddick’s career intersected with Federer and Nadal, but Andre Agassi still managed to get plenty of victories against Pete Sampras, once considered the greatest player ever.  The only place Roddick did not underachieve is in his personal life.  He’s married to the flaming hot Brooklyn Decker.

Mike Tyson- Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but Tyson is NOT a top ten boxer of all time.  Furthermore, he barely cracks the list of top 10 heavyweight of all time.  Mental issues, legal issues, and substance abuse issues kept one of boxing’s best ever punchers from actually being an all time great.

Ricky Williams- He had power, speed, vision, agility, and quickness; all the things a running back needs to be great.  Unfortunately Williams also believed that marijuana was a type of psychotherapy.  The once all time NCAA rushing leader could’ve been one of the NFL’s best ever.

Serena Williams- She became the greatest active women’s tennis player when she decided to take her career and conditioning seriously.  It’s hard to win majors in tennis when you’re more worried about fashion designing.  Serena’s in great shape now, but if she had been her whole career, Steffi Graf, Martina Navratalova, and Margaret Court would have had some company.

Why didn’t she have abs like that her whole career???

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