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Should Obama Work or Stay Home and Play?

4 Sep

Here are two views regarding Barack Obama as he seeks re-election in 2012.

Obummer Needs to Go


He’s not a citizen anyway

 He’s a Muslim, which I guess doesn’t matter, but I still don’t believe he’s a US citizen. That birth certificate he displayed is obviously doctored, so the best thing we can do is not re-elect a guy who shouldn’t have been eligible to be POTUS in the first place.

He didn’t fix the economy

 Bush Jr. destroyed the economy, and McCain lost the election because his policies were far too similar to Bush’s. Obama had all a Democratic Congress for his first two years, but still couldn’t make policies to fix the economy … big fail.

Black unemployment rate is almost double the nation’s

Unemployment rates for African-American’s is roughly 16%, which is significantly more than the national average of about 9%. The plight of African-American’s can’t even be ameliorated by an African-American president.

He’s ceded all power to the GOP

Obummer is so far left he straddles the line between liberalism and socialism. Despite his supreme liberalism, he doesn’t have the chops to battle House Republicans. In every political battle of the last 12 months or so he’s sided with his chief adversaries. So if a black Democratic president doesn’t cater to blacks or Democrats, what is his usefulness?

totally owned by the GOP


He never ever made an economic plan

He somehow passed Obamacare 3 years ago, bailed out banks and automakers, and captured/killed Osama bin Laden. If he’s so smart and such a skilled politician, why in the world did he fail to even come up with his own economic plan? It’s easy to criticize a plan that others make, but why wouldn’t the leader at least propose one himself? The country was about to default on its loans, and the leader of the free world acts like a figurehead. I still don’t understand this.

He is incredibly vague

 I follow politics pretty closely, yet I still don’t know Obama’s stance on several topics. He is a fantastic orator, but that doesn’t mean he’s actually stated his opinion on particular issues. Bush certainly had his warts, but at least he had obvious convictions.

Enjoy Life, Don’t Run Again!

He gets the presidential stipend for the rest of his life

Why put up with all the nonsense of being president when there’s a stipend of $200,000 yearly for the rest of your life after your term is over? Not only that, there’s the luxury of having secret service protection indefinitely. Obama should ditch the whole POTUS thing and just sit at home with his wife and children. There’s no political vitriol on a beach house, in the Hampton’s, or on the slopes in Aspen, Colorado.

He can write another book

Obama has written two books already, and has made millions off of each one. George W. Bush’s book Decision Points has been a major success, and his approval rating was in the toilet at the end of his reign. Who wouldn’t buy a 3rd book by Obama? It would have juicy information about catching bin Laden, the ridiculous partisanship during his tenure, details about the birther movement idiots, and the economic crisis. He could make the rounds just like Bush has, and enjoy a lucrative, stress free existence. Frankly I’m jealous thinking about it.

Who wouldn’t pay this guy to speak?

Obama is one of the greatest speakers of the 21st century. If Sarah Palin can get six figures for speaking engagements, what could the former POTUS pull in? Personally I think Obama could have a more successful speaking career because he’s so engaging, natural, and poised. Why the hell should he speak for free? After 3 or 4 appearances he would have earned his presidential salary without all the long hours and nonsense.

He won’t have to worry about idiots questioning his citizenship

Up to 25% of American’s still actually question where Obama was born. In select populations the foreign born conspiracy theorists can be over 40%. No other president has had to deal with this garbage, and Obama wouldn’t either if he decides not to run in 2012. The release of his short and long-form birth certificates weren’t enough to quell the lunacy, so he should stop trying to fight it and just enjoy retirement.

No more dealing with idiotic partisanship

Thanks to the Teaparty, the fact that politicians have become celebrities, the realignment of Southern politics, growing social/economic disparity, and a few other reasons, political partisanship is at an all time high. Nothing Obama proposes will be even remotely considered by the GOP, so why should he continue to bang his head against the wall? He’s an intelligent enough fellow to not expect different results from the same stimuli, so not even running in 2012 is a better solution. I won’t consider him a quitter; in my mind he’ll be getting a significant promotion.

3 Responses to “Should Obama Work or Stay Home and Play?”

  1. Anonymous September 29, 2011 at 4:56 PM #

    He is a US citizen. U mad bro?

  2. AFM December 28, 2011 at 9:40 AM #

    You can always contact us at

  3. Franco February 27, 2012 at 3:26 AM #

    I’ve always been a little annoyed at Dubya’s lavish vacations, clearing brush from his ranch in beautiful Crawford, Texas. How many of Obama’s bundlers have been awarded with “green energy” loans or Chevy Volt contracts? Oh but no ambassadorships.

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