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September 2011

22 Sep


Dear Answers From Men,

I’ve been a fan of Entourage since its inception, but am I not the only one who’s glad that it’s finally done?  The more I watch “Vinny” and “E” attempt to act the more I realize this show was really finished a few seasons ago.

Francisco; Orange County, California

Granted, the best seasons of Entourage were a few years ago, but let’s not trash “Vinny” and “E”. Vinny is a movie star that is trying to redefine himself, and E the best friend and manager who is essential to the whole process. It is sad that they focusing on the smaller parts of their personalities in the series instead of the lewdness and debauchery that happens when too many men are staying together, but both characters are fairly interesting. Hell, E is more interesting than Vinny. He is always struggling with some personal crisis.



Dear Answers From Men,

How is Justin Verlander not the AL MVP this year?  He leads all AL pitchers in wins, ERA, strikeouts, innings pitched, and WHIP.  Not only that, his Tigers will coast into the playoffs with a 12 game lead over the 2nd place team in the division.  Pedro Martinez was robbed in 1999, can voters get it right in 2011?

Austin; Detroit, Michigan

Sorry to sound like all the old farts that are stifling America’s favorite pastime with crappy voting, but Verlander should not be the Al MVP. They have this one right. Verlander at the most pitches, one out of every four games. Meaning that he could only be responsible for one fourth of the overall wins. He has been dominant in the games that he has pitched, but he has not transcended baseball in the same way that Pedro did. Pedro Martinez made the casual observers of baseball permanent lovers of the game and wowed and amazed the people that were already diehard fans. He made batters look silly in the batters box. Verlander strikes guys out, but not with the same fervor for competition or with the same frequency as Pedro.



Dear Answers From Men,

I’m 25 years old, so that means REM has been banging out hits literally my whole life.  Now that they’re officially breaking up, maybe people can fully appreciate their greatness.  What artists in music history would you say have been the most underrated?

Abdulla; Carthage, Texas

One of the most underrated and under-appreciated artists of all time is Quincy Jones. He was regaled in the eighties as a pop and R&B producer, but his talent reached across many genres of music. He was classically trained and studied music composition before taking his music overseas. He plays multiple instruments and is responsible for seminal recordings like Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album and even notable themes like the “Austin Powers” theme, or the “Sanford and Son” theme. Another musician who is underrated is the country legend, Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson’s music transcends genre. He is neither country nor blues. His music is self-composed, self-written, and vulnerable.


Dear Answers From Men,

Which is more likely to play a full season this year, Michael Vick or the NBA?

Trevor; Berkeley, California

I hate to rain on your parade Trevor, but neither is going to happen. Vick will get hurt for a number of contributing factors. He is small, 6’0 and 180 pounds. Everyone on his offensive line is either a good player and often injured or healthy and not very talented. And, Michael Vick will run the ball himself when the play breaks down. Vick’s physical play and his line’s not so physical play are going to ensure that he sits out a few games. The NBA is not close to reaching an agreement about closing the lockout. Players are not willing to budge on their stance about the percentage of revenue that they will accept unless the owners open their books for inspection. Of course, the owners will never show their books because either they are bending rules or they are not losing money yet. In fact, NBA players are now playing in leagues overseas to compensate for their money losses in the lockout and to keep in good playing shape in case this all ends. Most likely, we will have NBA basketball this season, but it very well could be a shortened season.

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