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The Grass IS Greener

4 Oct

10. Ron Howard – Ron Howard is one of the only child stars that has not either had an extremely public melt-down or faded into oblivion. He co-starred in the Andy Griffith Show as a pre-pubescent boy for eight years and continued acting through puberty and into his adult life. He moved from the Andy Griffith Show, a television staple, to Happy Days, another huge success. Howard was wealthy before he reached adulthood. He studied acting and film production at the University of Southern California, and went on to direct Academy Award nominated and winning movies, and to produce them too. To top it all off, Howard married his high school sweetheart, had four children, and had his first grandchild in 2007.

9. Brad Pitt – There is not a woman alive that does not think that Brad Pitt is handsome, not one. Every movie that he touches grosses well, from his small part in Thelma and Louise, to his critically acclaimed roles in Legends of the Fall and Seven, to his Academy Award nominated characters in the 12 Monkeys and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He married the hottest girl next door on the planet, Jennifer Aniston, and then dumped her for the hottest movie star on the planet, Angelina Jolie.

8. Will Smith – Will Smith ignored his parents’ requests for him to attend college to become a rapper, saying that if he did not flourish by the summer, he would give up his dream. He became a platinum selling recording artist that summer with hits like the ironic, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and many more hits as the Fresh Prince with his buddy DJ Jazzy Jeff. Smith transformed his funny lyrics into a comedy aptly named the Fresh Prince of Bellaire. And then, he used his fame from television to catapult himself on to the silver screen. Smith studied and received acclaim with serious role in Seven Degrees of Separation and completely shifted people’s perception of him. He know commands 20 million+ dollars per role and is one of the highest grossing actors today. He married Jada Pinkett, a smoking hot actress who played characters in the television show A Different World and in the Matrix series, and now has a son who acts and raps, Jaden, and a daughter who sings, Willow.

7. Alex Rodriguez – A-Rod has always been the best athlete on the field. He was an All-American in high school and fielded scholarships to play shortstop and quarterback for the University of Miami. He declined and opted to play for the Seattle Mariners. Since entering the MLB, Rodriguez has broken just about every record in Major League Baseball for his position, and holds many records regardless of position. He has 3 MVP’s and numerous hitting, runs, and base stealing records. A-Rod has allegedly had affairs with Madonna, a Hollywood madam and her “employees, a stripper, and numerous others. Once single, he dated movie stars Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. He is the only player to garner two deals worth $250,000,000+.

6. George Clooney – Clooney started out as a good athlete, playing baseball and basketball. He even garnered a tryout with the Cincinnati Reds, though he did not make the first cut. He then turned to acting. After a few smaller roles in Centennial, Roseanne, The Golden Girls, and The Facts of Life, he got a few breaks into cinema. He managed to land a spot on ER and famously became Dr. Doug Ross. That catapulted Clooney into leading movie roles, production, and eventually, directing. Oh, and Gorgeous George does fairly well with the ladies, too. He has been linked to Talia Balsam, Lisa Snowdon, Sarah Larson, and Elisabetta Canalis.

5. J.J. Barea – Making it into the National Basketball Association is difficult enough if you are 6’3″. 1 in 10,000 amateur basketball  players realize their dream of playing in the NBA. J.J. Barea is a 5’8″ guy who plays professional basketball at its highest level for the World Champion Dallas Mavericks. That’s right, J.J. was an integral part of last years championship team at 5’8″. He almost single-handedly dismantled the Lakers defense in the Conference Finals. And now, he is dating Zuleyka Rivera, a former Ms. Universe. That is a pretty charmed life for a little guy.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio – Was an established actor by the age of nineteen with his outstanding performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? By age 23, he was a bonafide heartthrob and high-grossing movie star. He only dates supermodels and the most beautiful movie stars, he commands at  least 20 million dollars per role, and has ventured into producing Oscar-nominated films like Blood Diamond in which he starred too.

3. Mark Anthony – Mark Anthony looks like the love child of Captain Jack Sparrow and Steve Buschemi, but he sings like an angel. He is a god in Latin America and his voice landed him a former Ms. Universe as his wife. He summarily dumped her as he began to get close to a Ms. Jennifer Lopez. You might have heard of her. J-Lo, Jenny from the block, the chick that made it cool to have a big butt. After knocking her up with twins, he allegedly got close with another movie star, and dumped Jenny from the block.

2. Tom Brady – Brady still cries about the fact that he drafted in the sixth round of the NFL draft. No one is sure why he does that. He has won three NFL championships, appeared in four games, had one of the two only perfect regular seasons in NFL history, and broken most single season records for pro quarterbacks.  He makes more money than anyone in the NFL regardless of position, and looks like Tom Cruise only taller and more muscular. Brady is a lady-killer, too. He left Bridget Moynahan, his girlfriend of a few years while she was pregnant with his child and then married the highest paid supermodel in the world. His new wife, Gisele Bundchen, is one of the hottest women on the planet, and she makes more money than he does. It might be time to let that crying deal go.

1. Andy Roddick – Andy Roddick is the quintessential, pretty-boy athlete. He has a nice tan and is in great shape from all his years on a tennis court. He has blonde hair and stands about 6’2″-6’3″. Imagine a guy that was as handsome as Tom Brady, had all the natural ability to be great in his sport, but had never won any competition of note and you would have Andy Roddick. Roddick spent half his career without one win in a major tournament and still managed to marry Brooklyn Decker, a supermodel, swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, and one of the hottest women on the planet. By the way, she also makes more at least twice the amount of money that he does. Lucky guy.

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