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How to Pick a Halloween Costume

20 Oct

Halloween is the most fun pseudo-holiday of the present day. Women dress sluttier and get drunk. Men get drunk and obnoxious. But, somehow everybody is okay with this. Picking a costume can be a difficult task without a little help, so is here to save you with different approaches to picking the perfect costume.


1. Popular culture – Celebrities and pseudo-celebrities are the perfect fodder for your costume ideas.

2. Movies – Popular movies lend great ideas for Halloween. Pick a character from your favorite movie.

3. Occupation – This idea always works for women. And, the hotter a woman is, the better it works. Pick an occupation that you like and make it slutty.

4. Video games – You will classify yourself as a loser by doing this, but maybe your nerd twin is out in the real world waiting for you to arrive with your Final Fantasy costume. Pick your favorite video game and make a costume of it.

5. Mix-up – The costume mix-up is always a good idea. Take two different costumes and mash them together. Be a zombie Scarface or a cross-dressing Robert DeNiro.

6. Childhood toys -Dressing up like a doll or an action figure is a great, classic idea.

7. Horror movies -Pick the most frightening monster from your memories and put on his face.

8. Be creative – Bring your wildest dreams to fruition.

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