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October 2011

1 Oct


Dear Answers From Men,

Now that the emotions have died down, who is more to blame for the Mayweather/Ortiz fiasco?  Mayweather for throwing a sucker punch, Ortiz for the stupid head butt, or referee Cortez for telling the boxers to fight but not looking at the action in the ring?

Nolan; St. Paul, Minnesota

Really, Nolan?You don’t know this one? The answer is Mayweather, plain and simple. Yes, Ortiz headbutted him and busted his lip, but that does not mean that Mayweather should have stolen the fight with a couple of cheap shots. Two wrongs do not make a right in this case, and he was winning the fight without stealing a victory from an inferior. Ortiz had little to no shot of breaking through Floyd’s defense. And, I feel like all the boxing fans are missing the bigger picture with this fight and the Pacquiao Marquez match. Boxing fans are allowing promoters to continuously shove subpar matches down our throats. There is only one fight that is worth watching and I am swearing off all boxing matches until I see it. I will not support another boxing match until Pacquiao and Mayweather meet in the ring, and neither should any other person who calls themselves boxing fans. Being a real fan does not mean that you support the product when it is terrible. Being a fan means that you demand a product that is worth watching.


Dear Answers From Men,

More likely to happen in 2012: Obama being re-elected, or the Mayans being correct about the world coming to an end?

Edwin; Manhattan, Kansas

Let me start by saying that there is not a chance in hell of Obama being re-elected. He alienated his supporters by failing to produce significantly better employment rates and his detractors are steadfastly ignorant and stubborn enough to watch the country fall into depression instead of helping to solve the problems with the economy. He honestly will probably be much more effective as a former president than as man in charge, because the same views that he espouses now will be better received from him then. Secondly, there is not a chance in hell that the world is going to end on any day that is as highly publicized as those of the Mayan calender or Nostradamus. No one has a clue about the future and the Earth’s eminent demise. So, stand on the corner with your Obama 2012 shirt and your John 3:16 sign if you want, I’ll be sitting on a lawn chair in my living room, sipping a beer, and watching our new president elect.


Dear Answers From Men,

All this conference realignment just displays the greed and filth of college athletics and the NCAA.  Texas has basically destroyed the Big 12, but no one can really do anything about it because they are Texas.  All that being said, I can’t wait to see ACC basketball in 2012.  With UNC, Duke, Syracuse, Pitt, and maybe UCONN, that’s 5 top 10 teams all in the same conference.  I’m getting a boner just thinking about it!!!!

Zachary; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

First things first, please refrain from telling the world about your sports wood. Thank you. Next, the ACC would have effectively transformed itself into a super conference without completely destroying Big East basketball. We would get to watch Duke versus Syracuse every year. Not to mention seeing Pitt versus UNC. And then, UConn may follow suit too. Basketball season would be more entertaining than it has been i at least 4-5 years. I think I’m getting a little excited too.

Dear Answers From Men,

What’s the protocol on looking at your significant other’s Facebook account?  Do I have the right to ask my boyfriend who his friends are if I don’t know them?  I feel like kind of a snoop, but if everyone else can see them it’s not like I’m overstepping my boundaries, right?

Melinda, Santa Fe, New Mexico


There are no real set precedents for looking through Facebook accounts. If they “friended” you on facebook, then you are within your rights to look through their pictures and posts. However, if you are talking about snooping through their account, then a line is definitely being crossed. And, the bigger issue is trust. You should start by asking yourself, “Why do I want to look through his or her account?” If you are mistrustful because of past relationships, then you need to address that before you continue in this one. If your partner’s behavior has been suspicious, then you should talk about your concerns together. And, if your trust issues are not resolved after the conversation, then you should take a hard look at your relationship.

Dear Answers From Men,

Why are there Christmas decorations out already?

Kyle; Dayton, Ohio

Because for some people, it is always Christmas. And, for others leaving them up is easier than taking them down.

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