Overweight Athletes

With the NBA lockout over and the season to start on Christmas Day, this in honor of Shawn Kemp and is post lockout bulge…




Post lockout … and plus about 75 lbs


Prince Fielder- Believe it or not Fielder is a vegetarian!  Of course not eating meat doesn’t stop someone from eating pizza, French fries, brownies, and ice cream.  None of this seems to matter because although he hovers around 300 lbs, Fielder will still get a contract near $300 million very shortly.


Imagine how big he’ll get after signing the huge contract

CC Sabathia- He has a wicked changeup, a plus fastball, and he’s always near the top in innings pitched.  It’s impossible to quantify how much better Sabathia would be if he lost a ton of weight because he’s already a top 5 starting pitcher in all of MLB.


Glenn Davis- Big Baby was given his nickname at the age of 9 years old because he would cry when playing against much older teammates.  The nickname applies well now that he’s an adult because he still hasn’t found a way to shed his baby fat.  At any rate, Davis is one of the most overrated players in the NBA.  Despite being listed as 6’9”, 289 lbs, he has career per game averages of only 7.6 points, 4.1 rebounds, 0.8 assists, 0.3 blocks, and 0.7 steals.  He also only shoots 45% from the field.  Maybe if Big Baby exercised and ate like an adult he’d have much better success on the court.



Serena Williams- For years Serena was not the most focused or best conditioned athlete on the professional circuit.  Even with shoddy effort she was easily one of the best on tour.  Now that she’s 30 and has 13 singles Grand Slam titles it’s unfortunate that she didn’t take things more seriously in her younger years.  She could have produced a career that placed her right alongside the all-time greats.


Ray Felton- He’s not rotund yet, but it’s obvious that he’s not the slender speedster he was when he entered the league.  Undersized point guards who don’t shoot very well have to rely on their quickness to score in the NBA.  One hopes Felton eats less cupcakes and does some more running.


Put the cupcake down Ray Ray!


Dexter Pittman- I will give him credit for getting in much better shape for the 2011-12 season, but it wasn’t enough to keep the Miami Heat from signing this lard …


Eddy Curry- Not many guys have eaten themselves out of guaranteed millions…



Baron Davis- Davis is somewhat like Oprah Winfrey … one never knows if they will show up fat or skinny.  Both fat and skinny Baron are great basketball players when they show a little effort and shoot a few less three pointers.  With the lockout, getting amnestied by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and scheduled to miss 8-10 weeks with back troubles, I expect to see lots of the fat Baron this season.


Ok, so this isn’t really Baron Davis, but the resemblance is uncanny … right down to the potbelly

Pablo Sandoval- Kung Fu Panda lost a good amount of weight in 2011.  He’s 5’11”, but was nearing 280 lbs in 2010.  Rumor has it that he’s lost even more weight, and will be in supreme shape for the 2012 season.  For the San Francisco Giant’s sake they hope so.


Kendrick Perkins- He was a lumbering laughingstock towards the end of the year and playoffs for the Oklahoma City Thunder while recovering from knee surgery.  The newly svelte Perkins is in better shape now than he was during his heyday with the former champion Boston Celtics.


Looks like he lost a whole Kevin Durant during the offseason

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  1. JD
    April 9, 2012 at 4:21 PM

    Contrary to popular belief, Fielder isn’t a vegetarian. He was for like a week.

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