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People Who Need to Shut Up 2

6 Dec

Herman Cain

Everything was set up perfectly for the guy.  He was a Washington outsider in a year when Americans were sick of politicians.  He came from a poor family and is a self made millionaire.  He was seeking the GOP presidential nomination in a year when the candidate pool resembled the cast from Survivor.  He had the support of the powerful Tea Party, and he had the opportunity to take the black vote away from Barack Obama.  It all came to pieces when he kept talking instead of trying to act just a bit political.  When all the sexual assault allegations first began swirling he should have shut up, conferred with his campaign strategists, sought advice from his legal team, and then gave a measured, thoughtful response.  Instead he shot from the hip again and contradicted himself about the situations.  The public now perceives him as a liar, and all of his warts about not understanding foreign affairs, saying, “I was just joking,” and using tax payer money for secret service protection has completed submarined a campaign that was going full steam ahead.


Pointing to all the people who aren’t going to vote for him anymore.


Jerry Sandusky

When I write a People Who Need to Burn in Hell article Sandusky will be in that one also.  This sick, pompous, asshole had the nerve to do an interview with Bob Costas while being investigated on 40 counts of child molestation.  He and his lawyer Joe Amendola need to shut up and wait to defend themselves during court proceedings.  Of course Sandusky is legally innocent until proven guilty, he didn’t help himself by taking literally 16 seconds to answer when Costas asked him if he were sexually attracted to young boys.  Here is the transcript from the exchange:


Are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys?


Am I sexually attracted to underage boys?




Sexually attracted, you know, I — I enjoy young people. I — I love to be around them. I — I — but no I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.

Not only did Sandusky sound like someone who is guilty, he also admitted to horse playing in the shower with underage boys.  Does he not know that anything he says or does can be used against him in a court of law?  In retrospect I hope he keeps talking.  The more he blabs, the more evidence the jury will have to send this monster behind bars forever.  In addition, Mr. graduate assistant Mike McQueary needs to stop sending emails that he secretly wants to be leaked to the press.  He says he stopped the rape, but not physically?  What does that even mean?  McQueary also said in the email that he alerted local police.  That sounds great, except that the police department reported that they have had no correspondence from McQueary.  It would be best for all of these idiots in the Penn State circus would shut up and let their high priced attorneys do the talking in the court room.


This is the definition of a buffet for this sick freak.


Steve Williams

In an effort to not be too cliché, I will only mention the caddy credo one time: show up, keep up, and shut up.  Williams has the first two down pat, but he just can’t seem to conquer the last one.  When he had diarrhea of the mouth shortly after getting fired by Tiger Woods everyone understood his frustration.  Woods is somewhat of a shady guy, so the emotional response was accepted.  Unfortunately Williams couldn’t stay away from the cameras, and completely overshadowed a great win by the actual guy he’s carrying the bag for.  I find it hilarious that Williams gets significantly more press than the stud golfer he works for, Adam Scott.  It’s also quite comical that Williams can’t realize that he has lived a charmed life.  He worked for one of the greatest golfers of all time for over a decade, and thanks to Tiger, Williams is a millionaire.  Should he be this upset, or could he actually be thankful for his great fortune.  Maybe he thinks he’s the reason Woods had such success?  At any rate, Williams put his foot in his mouth again when he made a pejorative comment about Woods that had possibly racially insensitive undertones.  Yes it has a closed door event, and yes the whole night was built on comedy, but some weapons are better left in the holster.  If Scott didn’t have such a calm, casual temperament Williams would be unemployed just like the 9% of Americans and roughly 6.6% of new Zealanders (Williams birth place).


From sharing tears together to sharing endless low-brow barbs


Bob Arum

The super promoter for Manny Pacquiao finally has been put in his place.  Initially it appeared like Floyd Mayweather and his camp were ducking an epic showdown with Pacquio, but now the tables have been turned.  Pacquiao was awarded a very controversial decision against Juan Manuel Marquez, and has lost a bit of his luster.  Although everyone is still dying to see a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao battle, Arum announces that he is looking to secure another fight for Pacman against Marquez.  Are you serious?!  For years Arum wouldn’t stop yapping his gums about how Floyd was afraid of Manny and that Manny would fight would fight Floyd anywhere, anytime, at any weight.  Apparently that’s all changed now, and Arum sounds like a complete dumbass and coward.  It would be best if he stops making cryptic remarks through the media and either negotiates a fight with Mayweather, or plain and simply goes away.  You can’t be the one who calls out the other guy for being a chicken just to pull the same stunts.


Arum’s cash cow is running out of his golden milk


BCS Proponents

Seriously, anyone who still thinks this system is legitimate and good for the game needs their head examined. As it stands now LSU and Alabama will have a rematch at a neutral site of a game that Alabama previously lost at home.  How is this even remotely fair to LSU?  Furthermore, how is this fair to the other 5 one loss teams?  I’m not even going to discuss unbeaten Houston, only because their strength of schedule is a joke.  All the people who say that every week is a playoff need to shut up and stop using students-athletes as pawns to amass large amounts of wealth.  If all the games are considered a playoff, why does Alabama get preference?  Moreover, if LSU just so happens to lose to Arkansas on Black Friday, things get even more confusing.  Arkansas’ one loss is to Alabama, so they currently have no claim above Alabama to the #2 position.  If Arkansas beats LSU, then shouldn’t LSU stay above Alabama since they defeated them earlier this month in Tuscaloosa?  All of this tomfoolery would be avoided if the idiots who keep trying to stick the BCS down our throats would shut up and do what’s fair … develop a playoff system.

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