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Random Rants 5

16 Dec

Dwight Howard makes me sick.  Yes he’s a good player, (maybe even a great player) but he’s not special like he thinks he is.  Not to be overly stat conscious, but he’s never averaged more than 23 points/game in a season.  Shaq didn’t average less than 23 points/game until his 12th season!  In addition, Howard was single guarded by Jason Collins in the playoffs when the Magic got romped by the seemingly overmatched Atlanta Hawks in 6 games.  Yes Howard put up good numbers in 5 of the 6 games, but none of the great centers of this generation (Shaq, Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, Jabar) could be single covered by a guy as lousy as Collins and not win the playoff series.  Although I get annoyed by Howard not living up to his potential, I get more annoyed by his personality.  Howard strikes me as that guy who thinks he’s funnier and cooler than he actually is.  The more he tries to be the cool guy, the more he looks like a tool trying to be cool (similar to how Chris Bosh was trying to seem as if he was as relevant as Lebron and D-Wade after the Miami singings).  I wish he would shut up, stop demanding trades, stop rescinding trade demands a day later, and stop saying he wants input in personnel decisions.  If he worked on his post moves and free throws as much as he worked on his media sessions he may have a ring or two already like the real Superman.


Dwight Howard … once again trying too hard to be cool


Mitt Romney is a malfunctioning robot who is completely out of touch with the country he desires to preside over.  He somehow thinks that it’s okay to make $10,000 bets with other politicians on stage in front of millions of Americans.  On the surface such a move is mostly childish, but considering America is in horrible recession, the unemployment rate won’t budge below 9%, and that the median income for an American family is somewhere between $30,000 and $43,000, the gesture was quite disrespectful.  How does this clown expect to sway a blue collar state (Iowa) with such “I belong to the top 1%” behavior?  I assume he doesn’t have the answer, and that’s why the phoenix that is Newt Gingrich has lapped him in state and national polls.  Republicans were waiting for a candidate to wow them so they could drop Romney … but it still hasn’t happened.  Mittens is so bad that a Gingrich, with the following substantial warts, is the front runner:

  • He has cheated on two wives (he has actually signed 4 vows of marriage fidelity)
  • Almost single-handedly caused the two government shut downs during Clintons presidency
  • Had nearly his whole camp resign during the summer
  • Is the definition of a Washington insider when no one is pleased with the establishment, and
  • Despite clamoring for smaller government, he accepted millions of dollars from federal housing agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as a paid consultant

It’s all very sad for the GOP because Newt will never be able to capture the female vote, the moderate vote, or any of the liberal vote in a general election against Barack Obama.  Romney’s idiotic, childish, “I’m richer than all of you” move may have just won Obama the presidency in 2012.


Damn, the Romney-bot 2000 malfunctioned again


Back in the 1990s the popular social barometer between America’s college aged students and teens was Tupac Shakur vs. The Notorious BIG.  Despite being nothing other than a conflict between two incredibly rich and famous individuals who actually had gang ties, it became a national spectacle.  It turned into an east vs. west showdown, it made people from the south feel disregarded, and one had to pick a side.  The Tupac vs. Biggie tête-à-tête became more volatile than the Montagues vs. the Capulets.  Fast forward twenty years, and the new arms race exists between those who are for and those who are against Tim Tebow.  Nothing can stir a debate between football fans, non football fans, or religious pundits like the plight of Mr. Tebow.  From a purely objective analysis standpoint, Tebow has many miles to travel before he can be an effective pocket passer in the NFL.  As Malcolm Gladwell cites in his book Outliers, an individual needs 10,000 hours of practice before someone can have success at a particular task.  It will take Tebow several years before he nears 10,000 hours practicing to be a pocket quarterback.  Of course the Tebow debate is far more convoluted than simple objective analysis.  The many confounders include his success despite unorthodox techniques, his unabashed Christian faith, his coach and team president not fully embracing him despite the team’s success, his over the top cult like following in Denver, and his seemingly too good to be true persona.  There’s no middle ground with this issue, just like the east vs. west rap nonsense.  The closest one can get to straddling the fence is expecting him to fail based on past history for quarterbacks, but hoping he succeeds because he’s ostensibly the greatest guy ever.  Chapter one of the Tebow epilogues has yet to be completed … stay tuned.



The players involved in the nasty fight between Xavier and Cincinnati are not without fault, but they are not to blame.  Most of the liability falls on the coaches and referees of that game.  Just to point out a few things:

  • The players were trash talking before and during the game.  Why won’t the coaches tell them to shut the hell up?  This line always works, “If you keep talking I’ll sit your ass on the bench.”  Furthermore, the refs need to take control of the game.  If they see guys talking they have a responsibility to blow the whistle, stop play, and issue technical fouls to the offending players.  Twenty year olds may be immature, but the one thing they want to do is get on the court.  Take that away from them and they’ll amend their ways quickly.
  • Xavier was up more than twenty points in the waning minutes of the game … why was star player Tu Holloway even on the court?  He was involved in the pregame Twitter chatter, he was involved in trash talk the whole game, and he was the catalyst for the fight to start.  Head coach Chris Mack has a responsibility to make sure he’s not on the floor at the end of a blowout victory against a rival.  Holloway has been chided for his idiotic postgame remarks about his team being gangsters and not getting embarrassed by another team.  Holloway’s post game comments were moronic, naïve, and exactly what I would anticipate from a twenty something male athlete who was just involved in a brawl.  Why in the world did Coach Mack allow anyone from his team to attend the press conference?  What in the world did any adult from Xavier expect to achieve by having their players talk?  I hope everyone recognized that Cincinnati head coach Mich Cronin didn’t have Yancy Gates answer any questions after the game.

Yes the players need to exercise more restraint and decorum during a basketball game, but the actual adults involved should let the inmates run the asylum.


Why would one think a guy who does this …


will know the right thing to do when doing this???

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