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Best Martial Arts Movies

10 Jan

Shaolin vs. Lama – A kung fu master looks across the countryside trying to find a kung fu teacher that can defeat him in a fight so that he can learn under him. He hasn’t been beat in five years. By chance, he happens to save a young monk in a fight who says that his master could teach him. However, the master refuses to take on him on because he was betrayed by a former student. The evil student attacks the monastery, which prompts them to accept the previously refused student. The bad student eventually kills the elder monk and has to be avenged.

one-armed swordsman

One-Armed Swordsman – A student of the Chi School of Golden Sword Kung Fu is betrayed, kicked out of school, and has his arm chopped off. When a gang attacks the school and begins killing the students, the disgraced student comes to avenge to his school.

Kung Fu Hustle – The Ax Gang has taken over China and is creating havoc throughout each province. They push the villagers until three kung fu masters resurface and come to challenge them. This prompts the Ax gang to hire the most feared assassin in the history of China, and only a special talent can defeat him.

the legend

The Legend – The Red Lotus society plans to overthrow the corrupt Manchu emperor. A young kung fu warrior falls in love with a merchant’s daughter, but the merchant promises her hand in marriage to a wealthy man.

chinese connection02

The Chinese Connection – A former student returns to his school to find that his master has been killed. He is harassed and ostracized by the changing culture in his old city, but he chooses to fight back while finding the murderer of his master.

drunken master

The Drunken Master – Woo Fei-hung always gets himself into trouble. He beats up a martial arts instructor, harasses a woman, and is beat up by her older female guardian to whom he finds out that he is related. His antics lead him to train under one of the most difficult masters of kung fu as punishment. He is confronted by another master that will test his will and kung fu skill.

Enter the Dragon – A martial arts expert sets out to find the narcotics dealers that were the murderers of his sister. The only way for him to get to these villains is through a martial arts contest that is hosted by the evil dealers. He fights until he avenges his sister.

five deadly venoms02

5 Deadly Venoms – 5 deadly kung fu masters plot to find and steal the treasure of their dead master. The master’s last pupil goes on a quest to avenge his master, defeat the five, and return the reputation of the master.

36th chamber of shaolin

36 Chambers of Shaolin – To defeat enemies of the Shaolin temple, one monk has to train in the secret techniques of the temple to learn how to protect it.

crouching tiger hidden dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – A young woman has to decide between two lives. She can continue on the path of a dignified socialite or embarrass her family and become an outlaw. When the Green Destiny sword, the prized possession of the Jade Palace,  is stolen, it sends the entire government into an uproar over the sword and finding a fugitive that is reported to be in town.

Seven Samurai – Members overhear a group of bandits conversing about whether they will attack the village now or wait until after harvest to take everything. The villagers discuss whether to give their belongings to the bandits or hire samurai to protect the village. They enlist seven samurai to protect the village.

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