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February 2012

23 Feb

It’s an all New York edition of the mailbag.  All the writers or questions hail from or are pertaining to the Empire State.  Long live Gotham!



Dear Answers From Men,

As of right now, who would you rather have: 2009 Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans, 2010 #1 pick John Wall, or Jeremy Shao-Lin?

Brandon; Morgantown, West Virginia

I would take Jeremy Lin by a landslide, and I am not one of the fans of the game that blindly follow the media when they get excited about a guy. Tyreke Evans is a shooting guard trapped at point guard by his skills (or the absence of them). He is great at penetration and unstoppable in the open floor, but he can not shoot, and he does not make players better which is a prerequisite of playing the position. On top of this, he needs the basketball in his hands to be effective and moves poorly without it. Wall probably has the best potential. He is lightning quick and one of the fastest guys in the league from one end of the court to the other, but I am not sure that he is interested in being the best player that he could be. It does not look like he put in the repetitions on his jump shots over the summer that he needed, and I question if he studied a lot of tape because he hasn’t shown any real improvement since last year. Wall needs to develop a jump shot to keep defenses honest. When, he isn’t hitting shots he is completely ineffective. He also needs to lead his team. There are real deficiencies in Wall’s game. Lin is the real deal. He gets into the paint regularly, he has a good jumper out to 20 feet, and he distributes the basketball. in eight games, Lin is scoring nearly 25 points with almost 9 assists per game. Though he is turnover prone, he is absolutely electric for the Knicks. Plus, he is winning games. Lin is 6-2 as a starter.


Dear Answers From Men,

Whose legacy do you think is most affected from the Super Bowl out of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, or Gisele?

Sammy; St. Petersburg, Florida

Giselle is absolutely beautiful, but no one cares about her opinion on football. Her legacy is looking good, and her comments were what any woman would do to protect her husband at a difficult time. And, no quarterback had a harder time than Brady. He was in the discussion for best quarterback ever until this loss, his second in the NFL championship game. His legacy is tarnished by another loss. Now, the only way Brady can get back into the discussion is to win two more Super Bowls, which is next to impossible with free agency. Belichek’s legacy is intact. He is a brilliant coach that occasionally calls controversial plays. He did not have the best team this time, so he lost. The person whose legacy is changed is Tom Coughlin. When he won his first Super Bowl, it seemed like a bit of a fluke. His defensive line was one of the best ever. Eli Manning, his quarterback, got hot at the right time, and he defeated a team that was better than his. With the second ring, Coughlin has pushed himself into the upper echelon of coaching minds in the league. He has know cultivated different players and managed different egos all while bringing another ring to New York. The perception of Tom Coughlin has changed the most because of the Super Bowl.



Dear Answers From Men,

Between Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, the Republicans and Catholic Church saying Obama is attacking religion, and the Mayan calendar probably being wrong about the world coming to an end in December, is 2012 the year God made a comeback?

Moe; Schenectady, New York


Oh definitely, God is going to make a comeback in 2012. The Republicans will not let him fade into obscurity. And yes, the miracles that are Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin are leading the battle of religion over state. Never before has Christianity made such public statements with terrific play on the field or court, such great stories of David defeating Goliath, or such public devotion to its religion. No one can explain Tebow winning games with a completion percentage south of 50%. No one could predict Lin, an Asian-American from Harvard, becoming an international star in a predominately black league. I’m not sure what the next step is, but God is definitely making his way into the public view.


Dear Answers From Men,

My girlfriend and I are going to New York this summer, and I plan on surprising her with a marriage proposal.  I don’t wanna do the Central Park thing or in front of the Statue of Liberty because they’re so overdone and clichéd.  I didn’t mention that I’m a huge basketball fan, and hope that the Knicks are still in the playoffs when we get there so I can hopefully scalp some tickets and watch a game.  Anyway, do you think my girlfriend would still say yes if I popped the question at Rucker Park or at Madison Square Garden in front of a picture of Spike Lee?

Evan; St. Tulsa, Oklahoma


Dear deluded soul, popping the question is not at all about you and your passion for basketball. Hell, an engagement ring is not about love. All these things are about your woman. The ring is there for her to show her friends how much you love her, and the place where you propose is all about giving her an awesome story to share with anyone who asks about it. Evan, please do not harass sports fans everywhere by proposing at a game unless your girlfriend is an avid Knicks fan. And, just so you will know, marriage is not about you either. It is about compromising. And, compromising means that your wife is right.



Dear Answers From Men,

Very simple … is there a female equivalent to what a man has to go through with the sham that is Valentine’s Day?

Timothy; Buffalo, New York


Well Timmy, I am sorry to say that there is no real equivalent to Valentine’s Day. Also there is no Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny is  a lie. Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday that you will have to suffer through for the rest of your life if you ever want Mr. Happy to find his way into another ladies pants again. However, there is a small movement behind the Steak and BJ Day on March 14th, where men get a steak cooked the way that they like it and a nice, relaxing hummer. The two days are actually a perfect match for men and women too. Women need an extravagant day where men cater to them all day, wine and dine them, all in hopes of getting sex at the end of the night, because women are complex. Men, are pretty straightforward. Spend twenty minutes cooking a guy something, and five minutes playing hide the kielbasa and you will have a happy camper.


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