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Most Underrated Actresses 2012

24 Feb

February 24, 2012

Kerry Washington – This woman can act. Kerry Washington is superstar in the making though she has not had the quintessential role that it takes to become one. She is the ultimate scene thief; the camera loves her. Washington has had many dramatic roles and excelled in all of them.

Natalie Zea – Natalie Zea is one of those faces that you recognize, but can not name. She has roles in the HBO series Hung, in several movies, and even in a few commercials. Natalie Zea is hot, talented, and versatile as an actress.

Clea Duvall – Clea Duvall seems to always be cast as an awkward, innocuous woman finding her way through a tough situation, but scenes and story lines seem to always focus on her. She is often unassuming on camera, but still attracts attention by delving into each of her characters.

Julia Stiles – Julia Stiles can really act. She is one of the rare actresses that can either star in a film or play a smaller role and steal the show. And, though she is pretty, her looks do not overshadow her abilities as a thespian.

Rashida Jones – Rashida is no longer known as the cute daughter of the great musician Quincy Jones. She is now recognized as a talented actress capable of being funny, endearing, or serious when the challenge presents itself on film. And, she stars in both television and movie roles.

Carla Gugino – Gugino may be the most underrated talent on this list. She has numerous roles that immersed herself into over the last decade and was often unmatched within the cast though she was not necessarily the star. She plays complex roles even in the smaller parts. And, her characters are diverse and enigmatic.

Carla Gallo – Carla Gallo is typecast as a sex worker in almost all of her roles. She was a porn star in Californication, a prostitute in Carnivale, and a slut in Get Him to the Greek. But she brings an unexpected depth to her characters in each performance. Gallo has an emotional softness and a toughness that she instills in each character.

Hayden Panettiere – Though she is also a bit typecast as the bubbly cheerleader, Panettiere is capable of emoting on command. She has a genuineness and an authenticity in each of her roles regardless of how similar they may be.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of the most talented actresses on this list, though she is probably the least celebrated of the popular actresses. She has great screen presence without over acting. She can play any character and can be the star or a supporting character without compromising the validity of the movie. Whether a witty detective, a dependent masochistic degenerate, or criminally immoral, Gyllenhaal loses her self in every movie.

Marion Cotillard – Cotillard is so talented that the American public often forgets that she is French. She excels in dramas,and has starred in several different American film genres. She has starred in dramas like Public Enemies, the science fiction thriller Inception, won an Oscar for the drama , and is currently filming Batman Returns, an action film.

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