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Random Rants 6

17 Feb

Jeremy Lin- The guy has done more in 4 games than the rest of the Knicks have done in about five seasons.  People in the Garden actually get excited about watching their team, and they even expect a victory (despite not having Carmelo Anthony or Amare Stoudamire).  Unfortunately Lin’s hot start is not sustainable.  Firstly because only people like Lebron, Kobe, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird can maintain such an efficient scoring pace.  Secondly, when Carmelo and Amare return he won’t have the luxury of putting up 25 shots each game.  Most importantly, Lin really isn’t good enough to continue like this.  His shooting isn’t all that great (he shoots only 17% from behind the 3pt line, after shooting only 33% from 3pt in college), and he is a turnover machine.  Lin had 40 assists and 22 turnovers in his epic five game stretch.  That ratio isn’t going to cut it in the NBA.  Lastly, D’Antoni is going to run him into the ground.  He plays almost 40 minutes/game, and that’s far too much in this crazy 66 game season.  My advice to everyone is enjoy Lin-sanity while it last, similar to the great ride that was Tebow-time (until he got thrashed by New England in the playoffs).

Linsanity has even turned Jared Jeffries into an almost viable basketball player


The Grammy’s- I don’t like award shows, especially ones that are overblown like the Grammy Awards and the Oscars.  Here’s my very abbreviated review:

  • I’m quite surprised that Bon Iver beat out Nicki Minaj for Best New Artist, but in all reality it doesn’t really matter because both of them aren’t any good.
  • Adele is an extremely talented singer, but her six victories are more of a display of the sad state of music than her actual talents.  She is now tied with Beyonce for the all time female record of six victories in one night.  Whitney Houston, who was the recipient of a posthumous tribute, won six Grammy Awards in her entire career, and she was a music legend.
  • Speaking of the tribute, I think Jennifer Hudson did as well as expected, but I would have liked to see someone more legendary perform the Houston tribute.  Mariah Carey or Celine Dion would have been better choices in my opinion, but apparently Jennifer Hudson is the required tribute performer, as she was also part of the Michael Jackson remembrance cast (it also had Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Usher, and Carrie Underwood … the two American Idol participants probably should have been eliminated).


Hudson is the Grammy Award committee’s official tribute performer


Mitt Romney marches on underwhelmingly- Romney lost three non-binding states (Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado) to Rick Santorum, who had basically done nothing since his controversial Iowa victory the first week of February.  Luckily for Romney, those three states did not distribute any delegates, so they’re more of a popularity contest.  It’s not good that a prohibitive favorite loses three such contests.  Romney back doored his rough week by uttering the odd phrase “severely conservative” at the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference (CPAC), having to bus in scores of local students and purchase their tickets to win the CPAC straw poll, and narrowly edging out Ron Paul to win the Maine Caucus.  Governor Romney will almost certainly win the GOP nomination, but he’s seemingly taking a roundabout way to get there.

This isn’t the news Romney and his son expected to read from the teleprompter


Valentine’s Day- Thank goodness the biggest contrived “holiday” in the history of man is finally over.  I’m single, but still had to buy chocolates and candy for the throng of women that I work with.  In an effort to balance out fiscal wasting and nonsense men have to go through on Valentine’s Day, I think either the Monday after Super Bowl, or the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA Basketball Tournament should be holidays where men don’t have to work, and women have to leave men alone and give them absolute freedom to mourn, celebrate, or just enjoy games uninhibited.

What all guys think of Valentine’s Day


Tiger vs. Lebron- Talking heads keep discussing how Tiger Woods is just like Lebron James since both shrink in the clutch, and neither appear to be capable of making  4th quarter (or 4th round) comebacks.  Lebron’s choke history won’t be erased until he does damage in the NBA Finals and gets a ring.  Tiger’s milestone won’t go away until he wins another Major Tournament, and/or makes a decent sized comeback to claim a tournament.  It’s amazing that guys with such pedigrees are more known for their recent famous meltdowns than their awesome career accomplishments.


Losers of feather flock together

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