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Bobby Petrino is Scum

9 Apr

Sports coaches in charge of power house teams in a major Division 1 conference are a different breed of individual.  These guys have a weird combination of a sense of entitlement, invincibility, and superiority.  It’s no wonder that professional athletes engage in sordid behaviors after they leave college … they learn that nonsense from their coaches.  At any rate, Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino is lower on the sanity scale than most.  Here are some of the lowlights Petrino has “accomplished” in his career:


-While the head coach at Louisville, he secretly met with the brass at Auburn to discuss a move to their university.  Auburn had a coach (Tommy Tubberville) at the time.

-Also while at Louisville, Petrino had interviews or was in discussion with Notre Dame, Florida, LSU, and the Oakland Raiders for the head coaching position.

-In his first season with the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL he left the team 13 games into the season.  Petrino somehow thought it was okay to leave his position in the middle of the night, inform the team’s owner via email, and accept the Arkansas coaching job the next morning.


This is literally how Petrino informed his players he was leaving Atlanta


-He got into a motorcycle accident, and lied to his superiors about actually having a passenger accompanying him.

-Petrino had the hubris to drive the motorcycle without a helmet, despite riding in his own city.  He apparently didn’t care if anyone actually saw him.

-It would have been problematic if anyone saw him because he was riding with his mistress.

-His mistress is 25 year old former Arkansas volleyball player Jessica Dorrell.  Dorrell happens to be engaged … to a coach of the Arkansas swimming team!


Dorrell is smoking hot, but still…


-Petrino had the balls to hire Dorrell to work for the football program.

-Petrino is married with four children.


Assuming he keeps his job (he almost certainly will because Arkansas used to be an afterthought, but is now a strong program in the SEC, and is actually getting better), how can this guy effectively walk into a family’s living room and sell himself and his program to a prospective recruit after this latest scandal?  The athletes don’t care about him cheating on his wife, but they would be concerned with his penchant for quitting on his current team, and being a job whore.  Parents would have concerns about his integrity, especially considering that many of his recruiting targets will come from families where the mother is the sole parent.  All of his shenanigans are now on the internet for the world to see, and they will never be deleted.  Funny thing is that Petrino is a topflight football coach, so he probably doesn’t care what anyone thinks anyway.

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