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The Media has Ruined the Trayvon Martin Case

10 Apr

The Trayvon Martin case

I don’t know what happened in Martin’s killing.  As a matter of fact, no one knows exactly what happened in Martin’s killing … except for George Zimmerman.  Unfortunately, thanks to the madness of the media, everyone thinks that they know what happened in Martin’s killing.  The only things that are definitely known are that Martin left to go to a corner store, Zimmerman was told by dispatchers to not engage Martin, there was an altercation, Martin was shot and killed, and Martin was unarmed.  Lots of information has been sprinkled out here and there, but no one can prove their validity.  I’ve heard things like:

  • Martin was drug tested after his death, but Zimmerman was never drug tested
  • Martin got the upper hand at some point during the scuffle and was banging Zimmerman’s head repeatedly into the cement
  • The altercation happened in the grass so there was no way Zimmerman’s head was banged into the cement
  • Zimmerman had no visual injuries on the surveillance camera in the police station
  • Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and many facial scars that required lots of tending from paramedics
  • Police never interviewed Martin’s girlfriend … who was allegedly on the phone with Martin up until when the encounter ensued
  • Zimmerman was a malcontent and had called the police over forty times in 2011
  • Martin had recently been suspended from school


The only two people who really know what happened


The media and internet have been full of rumors and speculation, so it is impossible to separate the truth from speculation, exaggeration, and/or falsification (by the way, do black people actually desire for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to be their spokespeople?  In all honesty, these guys really know how to find a camera.  They’ve been riding off the coattails of Martin Luther King, Jr. for almost 50 years now, which is amazingly impressive).  The one thing I know for sure is that neither Martin nor Zimmerman will get a fair trial … the media will make sure of it.  Who hasn’t heard some version of this trial and/or the many layers it contains?  Just on the surface there are several emotion laden angles: the death of a teenager, possible racial profiling/hate crime, self defense during an assault, and potentially questionable behavior of police officers.  Is it even possible to find a non jaundiced jury panel?  Zimmerman is not winning the battle of public opinion, so his team may opt for a trial by judge.  On the other hand, one can say the same thing about Casey Anthony and the pretrial assumptions.  President Obama, congressmen, professional athletes, and the public at large have made bold statements about this case.  This is going to be must see television for a long time.  The only problem is that television and the internet are not going to provide any clarity; they’re just going to muddy waters that are already not navigational.

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