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Patience Young Grasshopper

2 May

May 12, 2012 by Rodimus Dunn

Later today, Newt Gingrich will finally put America out of its misery and suspend his “candidacy” for president.  The only thing that stands between Mitt Romney securing the Republican nomination is Ron Paul and his record of zero victories during the primaries.  It has been long established that Romney would be the nominee, and eventually will finally happen.  The only roadblocks now between Romney and the White House are constructing arguments for a general election in order to sound less abrasive than he did during the GOP contests, getting enough research on all the promises that Obama broke during his 4 years, and picking an adequate vice president.  Generally out of those three picking a VP is the easiest, but for presidential hopeful Romney, it’s going to be a huge ordeal.

Governor Christie, honestly, who do you think would be the best presidential candidate?

As of this moment Romney’s two choices are outspoken governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and currently white hot senator of Florida Marco Rubio.  Usually the VP choice is made to shore up any possible deficiencies the presidential candidate may have.  For example, Obama chose Joe Biden because the biggest mark against Obama’s candidacy was that he had very little experience.  Biden was a perfect choice because he was a senator for over 25 years before he was chosen to be on the ticket.  In the same election John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin made sense because he needed someone that could snare the female vote, the younger crowd, and was conservative enough to somehow energize a GOP base that wasn’t wildly excited about his liberal tendencies.  Completely ignoring potential policies or prospective agenda, Romney is a pretty boring fellow on camera.   Insiders say that he’s a hoot to be around personally, but his portrayed persona has less emotion than a dead body.  He wears the same clothing combination to nearly every tour stop, he gives nearly the exact same speech, he sings America the Beautiful every occasion, and he starts and finishes events at nearly the same time in every city.  It’s impossible to appear any more robotic.

Yeah, pretty much everything is good if your name is Marco Rubio

Historically speaking Christie or Rubio would be a great choice for Romney because they are dynamic personalities.  Unfortunately the “student” is not supposed to overshadow the “teacher.”  With all due respect to Bill Mahr, there’s a reason why we knew the Fresh Prince’s name was Will Smith, yet had no idea about DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Hall always came before Oates, and Wham always consisted of George Michael and the other guy.  The vice president is supposed to be Robin, and find contention with that position.  Christie is amazingly more electrifying than Romney is on the stump.  Often times when they would campaign together people would go just to see Christie, not the guy running for president.  It’s not shocking that even as late as February prominent people in the GOP base were pushing for Christie to make a late entry into the nomination field.  Would Christie galvanize the GOP?  Absolutely.  Would Christie make every campaign event must see TV (as opposed to the same boring rhetoric regurgitated)? Absolutely.  Should a guy more people want to be president than the actual candidate be stuck in a subordinate role?  Probably not.  In the same vein, Rubio’s appeal is so hot right now, almost nothing can contain it.  Not only does he garner appeal from conservatives, he also gets Hispanics (who Romney is not in good standing with), Tea Party members (they absolutely adore Rubio), and Floridians (a very crucial state).  Rubio is truly a can’t miss prospect.  Could Rubio’s personal politics concerning citizenship make things a bit murky for the “get back in line all illegals” stance held by Romney?  Possibly.  Is it possibly questionable to put someone with such national acclaim, charisma, and growth potential into a position that is frankly more title than duty? Yeah, a little.  Could there be problems pairing a guy who touts himself as a Washington outsider with a guy who has only one year of national politics under his belt, yet is a career politician by the age of 40? Maybe.  In either scenario Romney wins and yet loses at the same time.  Whatever he decides, America will be better off for it, whether he defeat Obama in November or not.

Is the GOP sure they picked the right guy???

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