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Favorite Women of this Summer

27 Jun

Michelle Beadle

Now that the dog days of summer have officially arrived, and all there is to watch is baseball, ESPN is going to be VERY boring.  It’s going to be even more boring now that Beadle has left the sports giant to join NBC to bolster their sports branch and Access Hollywood.


Michelle Beadle, the best thing to ever happen to Bristol, Conn


Kate Upton

She’s scintillating, enjoys taking lots of bikini photos, and likes dancing in public.  Who doesn’t love this woman???


Anne Hathaway

The next Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s last Dark Knight movie … enough said.



Lebron’s mom

She finally decided not to sleep with any of his teammates during the playoffs so he could finally live up to his potential and win a championship.  Much respect to Gloria James for not officially welcoming Norris Cole to the NBA in a way only she can.




She’s very attractive and obviously quite talented, but there’s just got to be something more about this Barbados dynamo.  Rappers exchange verbal barbs all the time in songs and through the media, but to actually have a public scuffle that involved throwing bottles through the air in a packed nightclub … this is next level kind of stuff.  Chris Brown and Drake can get basically any woman they want, but what is it about Rihanna that makes them lose their minds (and more than likely they will lose lots of money in lawsuits against them from injured bystanders)?


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