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How Much Is Enough: Child Support

20 Jun

Dads should know that child support is necessary. It is the only way to insure that the kids from a broken relationship are well taken of, regardless of the animosity between the parents. However, the money for child support seldom actually reaches the hands of the child. In fact, the money from child support is seldom tangibly used on the children of these relationships. With the exception of Kevin Federline, the mothers of these kids often live like queens off of their offspring and the talent of their exes. They buy new clothes, new cars, and even homes with money from their former lovers. How much money does it take to support a child? Does it really take 20% of the gross income of a superstar to feed, clothe, and shelter a child? Below is a list of some of your favorite celebrity’s child support payments.

Surely this guy doesn’t have any illegitimate kids.

Brian Urlacher $2,000 a month Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson $6,7000 a month Shaquille O’Neal $10,000 a month Kobe Bryant $10,000 a month Deion Sanders $10,500 a month

I’d be crying too if I owed as much money in back child support as T.O.

Terrell Owens $13,400 a month Tom Brady $15,000 a month to Bridget Moynahan Britney Spears $20,000 a month to Kevin Federline Kevin Hart $26,000 a month to Torrei Hart Vlad Guerrero $25,000 a month Nasir “Nas” Jones $25,000 a month to Kelis Russell Simmons $40,000 a month to Kimora Lee Simmons

This French billionaire has a set of “ghetto twins” with a supermodel and a movie star.

Francois-Henri Pinault $46,000 a month to former supermodel Linda Evangelista Eddie Murphy $51,000 a month to Mel B. Charlie Sheen $55,000 a month to Brooke Muellar

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    Riveting article!

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