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The Nobel Booby Prize

28 Jun

According to Alfred Nobel’s will, the Peace Price shall be award to the person who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”  With that being said, here are five 21st century creations that would be awarded the Nobel Booby Prize for what they’ve done to severely damage for human relations.



Text Messaging

On the surface this was a wonderful development.  Investigate just a little bit deeper, and texting will be part of the fall of humanity.  Thanks to texts, there is little or no need to actually call people anymore.  Not only does it dull socialization, but it promotes isolation (with the impression that people are actually together).  If one throws in the worldwide crisis of texting and driving, youth only knowing how to write and spell in text language, and the numerous cases of teens committing suicide after sexting gone wrong, Mr. Nobel would just shake his head at this destructive, ubiquitous monster.



The benefits of this are obvious, but similar to texting, the ability to be connected to the internet everywhere has further detached humans from one another.  Go to almost any sporting event, coffee shop, airport, etc, and people are transfixed by the laptop, cell phone or tablet computer.  If there was no internet signal people would be forced to, gasp, make conversation, pay attention to the game and cheer, enjoy scenery, and pay attention to their children.  I don’t blame Apple for taking advantage of this situation, but as they continue to generate billions of dollars in revenue, they need to know that they are a willing accomplice.

Believe it or not, these people are actually on a date


Though not as egregiously dangerous as texting, high definition television promotes a considerable amount of seclusion.  Why should I go to the movies and laugh, cry, or gasp with my fellow man when I can stream a movie right to the flat screen, high def, 60 inch behemoth in my living room?  The same goes for sporting events.  Why spend $50 per ticket, $20 on parking, $4 per hot dog, and $6 per beer when the game is free at home and looks gorgeous on a mounted, new Panasonic LED gem?  In the last several years laptops come equipped with HDMI connections, so anything on the internet can be viewed on the beautiful display right from home.  No need to go to a movie or sports bar ever again.


Why pay $75 to get nosebleed seats to see a crappy team like the Vikings when the game looks like this at home???



Where to even begin with this beast?

  • People have hundreds of “friends.”  Most of which they haven’t talked to in years or care to.
  • I can create any persona I desire by posting pictures, videos, or comments that can completely distort the truth of who I am.
  • The ability to cyber-stalk (and easily literally stalk since people post where they are and who they are with) people is almost limitless.
  • I never have to call someone and wish them happy birthday.  All that’s necessary is logging in, seeing who birthday it is, and posting a generic message on their wall.

There are countless more transgression, but suffice it to say, if the internet created the globalization of the world, FB is signaling the loss of human connection through pseudo-connectivity.




Unfiltered access to everyone’s thoughts and opinions is a dangerous possession.  If we all say what we’re thinking (at all times) there is obviously no regard for the feelings of others.  Even in its relative infancy there have been innumerable cases of some athlete or celebrity apologizing for what they tweeted … or alleging that their account was hacked.  Beyond offending others, when one gets a large enough audience, it becomes natural to play to the crowd.  These seemingly unrefined, candid moments are actually very staged (like reality television), but many of the followers aren’t sensible enough to realize this.  The world has not gained any advancement by people being able to know when celebrity X is trying on a new pair of shoes.


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