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August 2012

30 Aug

Dear Answers From Men,

Lebron James won the regular season MVP, an NBA Championship, and the Finals MVP.  To top it off he won an Olympic gold medal, and was clearly the lead alpha dog on a team full of alpha dogs.  Considering all the scrutiny he was under all year, did Lebron have one of the best seasons  in the history of sports?

Andy; Dallas, Texas

LeBron definitely had one of the best years in basketball history. It is comparable only to Michael Jordan’s 1992 year. He averaged around 27 points per game on 53% field goal percentage, with 6.2 assists and 7.9 rebounds per game. These stats made James year more efficient than Jordan’s though not more impressive. The media attention on Miami made his feat even more special. But, I’m not sure that you can place his accomplishments higher than even all the feats in NBA history. Oscar Robertson averaged a triple double for a season. Olajuwon won Defensive Player of the Year, NBA MVP, and Finals MVP in the same season. David Robinson is the only man in NBA history to place in the top ten in five statistical categories. How can you compare LeBron James’ season to the best seasons across sports when it was not definitively the best in basketball.



Dear Answers From Men,

Mitt Romney shocked the world by choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate.  Do you think this all-American, P90x conquering, stud will be enough to win Romney the election?

Wally; Flushing, NY

It was a stroke of genius for Romney to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan is a brilliant, young Republican who created the Ryan plan, a logical, economic strategy to cut the National debt by supplying vouchers at a fee to Medicare recipients who were originally supported by the government. He is slim and attractive, charming, and opinionated. The media show him as a young Obama which may help swing some of the votes Romney’s way. Though the incumbent is always favored in elections, Obama has some real issues to overcome for re-election. He is fighting the perception that his entire presidency has been ineffective (unemployment is down a point and a half, and the economy never fell into the depression that was predicted). He is still fighting Congress on the healthcare initiative that he has been pushing from the beginning of his first election. And, the Republicans (with money) who had to vote for someone other than McCain because they wanted to keep their fortunes have recovered enough financially to begin slandering him publicly again (see Donald Trump). Ryan may be the one guy that can persuade enough of the Obama supporters to help put Romney in office.



Dear Answers From Men,

Why do Republicans hate women so much?  Todd Akin introduced the world to the term “legitimate rape.” Foster Friess said that in his day birth control was women keeping an aspirin between their knees.  What’s going on here, is it still the 1920s?

Theodore; Cincinnati, Ohio

Let’s just say it say it all together. The Republicans are evil. That is what you want to hear right?



Dear Answers From Men,

The summer Olympics are obviously great, and make every presidential year exciting, but what about the opposite.  What are you less excited to see: the crap that is the Winter Olympics or the World Cup?

Bart; Roanoke, Virgina

The World Cup is actually compelling enough to watch even when there are more engaging sports on the television. “The Beautiful Game” is a complex mesh of athletic ability and ball skills. All the countries come together and compete to find out which team is the best in the world. It is fairly similar to a more specialized Summer Olympic games. The Winter Olympics however, are a different “sport” altogether. Now we will be forced to watch people slide down mountainsides in competition. How athletic do you have to be to let gravity pull you down a slope?



Dear Answers From Men,

Does God hate New Orleans?

Dana; Tampa, Florida

Yep Dana, God definitely hates New Orleans. First, Katrina touched down, and now Isaac is running through the city and threatening to destroy everything. I’m sure that God is paying them back for all the wanton debauchery that goes on in the French Quarter. On one end, women are constantly flashing their boobs for money, booze, and beads. And at the other end, gay men and women openly flaunt their sexuality on the streets. God is raining down punishment in the form of, well, rain. Either that or it could be that  a city that is prone to flooding was overrun by two separate storms that caused flooding.

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