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Best Sleepers in Fantasy Football

28 Aug

August 27, 2012

Chris Johnson – Last year, Chris Johnson held out for a bigger contract, missed training camp, missed a few games, and looked like a shell of himself. He tip-toed in the hole and was tackled more behind the line of scrimmage than ever before. This year, Johnson should look more like himself. Quick through the hole and deadly in the open field. Expect better numbers.


Brandon Lloyd – Brandon Lloyd put up good numbers in St. Louis and in Denver with mediocre quarterbacks. He is not big at just 6′. He is not fast either. He only runs a 4.62 40 yard dash. But, he is productive. Lloyd can really jump and he has good hands. He finds the ball in the air, and fights corners for the ball. He fits well with what the Patriots do and should get plenty of open opportunities with Gronkowski and Hernandez leading the way.


Carson Palmer – Carson Palmer was among the top ten quarterbacks in fantasy points last year despite being called up in the middle of the season. When you extrapolate his numbers over the course of a full season, they are pretty close to Ben Roethlisberger’s stats. Consider this, Palmer had to learn his teammates’ tendencies and adjust to the playbook on the fly. Given a full 16 games this year and with last season under his belt, Carson could be ready for a breakout.

Titus Young – Young gets a sleeper nod simply because he lines up across from Calvin Johnson. There are two things that are true. Calvin Johnson is the best wide receiver in the NFL and he will be double teamed. This means that the number two wideout of the Detroit Lions will get plenty of opportunities to succeed.


David Wilson – This running back racked up nearly 2,000 yards last year at Virginia Tech. He is quick, powerful, and playing behind Ahmad Bradshaw who is prone to injury and fumbles. Wilson will get carries playing for the Giants and should capitalize on them.

Torrey Smith – Torrey Smith is the big play receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. He had two games where he achieved over 150 yards in receiving last season, and countless other games with big touchdown catches. Though he is not big, he can outrun most cornerbacks in the secondary.

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