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Hottest Olympic Teams

2 Aug

The Summer Olympics only come every 4 years, and there are tons of events and athletes to keep up with.  Because we care, AFM is here to provide insight into what team events guys should actually be watching.


Women’s Field Hockey- Only because of the Dutch women’s team.



Women’s Beach Volleyball- This event is always must see TV for obvious reasons, but none more than the Brazilian team.



Whatever event she’s in- I think it’s either Pentathlon or Triathlon, and I think she’s Australian.  World, say hello to Melanie Adams!



Women’s volleyball- Tall, athletic, gorgeous women wearing bicycle shorts.  Is there anything more to say? Actually yes, the Brazilian women all look like models and play like assassins.



***Avoid at all costs***


Women’s gymnastics- No offense to any of the competitors, but most of these girls either look like men or 10 year old girls.



Any diving or synchronized water events- Even though these women are wearing swimsuits, none of them are worth a first or second look.



Weight lifting- Move on … absolutely nothing to see here.


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