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2012 Olympic Winners and Losers

17 Aug



Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas

The United States’ women were amazing this Olympics (basketball, swimming, track, beach volleyball, etc), but none shone more brightly than Gabby Douglas.  She won a team gold, but scored the most important medal, individual all-around gold.  Although she stunk it up in the subsequent individual contests, her name will go down in American lore as the first woman of color to win the individual all-around in Olympic history.  Gabby’s already featured on the Corn Flakes cereal box; the sky’s the limit for her post Olympic marketing success.


Yohan Blake

Although “The Beast” lost to Usain Bolt in every head-to-head matchup, he showed that he’s easily the second fastest man on the planet, and will grab the mantle if Bolt slips up even a little bit.  Blake ran the third leg for the Jamaican 4x100m world record victory, so he leaves Great Britain with a gold and two silvers.  Not bad for a 22 year old in his first Olympics.


Michael Phelps

Things started out slowly for Phelps, but he got his groove back in the later part of the week.  No one will equal his 8 golds in 8 events triumph from 2008, so holding him to that standard was completely unfair.  He took home 4 golds and 2 silvers this year, and is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history with 22 total medals (18 gold).  In retirement whatever he decides to do will also turn to gold.  Networks will bend over backwards to get him to be a commentator.  Who wouldn’t want him as a coach?  He could open up his own swimming school and charge whatever he wanted to for admission.  Phelps has also been linked to aspiring model Megan Rossee … it’s good to be an Olympian!

Clearly everything Phelps touches turns to gold


Ryan Lochte

Lochte won five medals during these games, but it’s not the competition that makes him a winner.  He became a household name and a major sex symbol, which is extremely hard for a swimmer.  Pretty much no one knows about his swimming prowess, but we all know about his alleged one night stands, claims of Olympians sexing it up after their events, and open commentary by his mom about his love life.  His athletic career may be boring to most, but his red carpet acclaim is only going to grow by leaps and bounds.





Ryan Lochte

He wins on TMZ and US Weekly, but he loses in the pool.  After winning his first event, all his pre Olympic talk of surpassing Michael Phelps seemed to be coming to fruition.  Next came the diamond grill, more gloating, and what seemed like a sure an unstoppable march to the winner’s podium.  Well things didn’t turn out that way as he won gold in only one individual event, routinely lost to Phelps again, and was more talked about for his off the field endeavors.  He’s going to be a celebrity for sure, but he has to be very disappointed with his showing in Britain.


American sprinters

Yes Jamaica only took home 12 total medals, but this country of only 3 million people owns the track.  Jamaica’s men swept the 100 meter, took gold and silver in the 200 meter, and set a world record in the 4×100 meter.  Their women took gold and bronze in the 100 meter, silver in the 200 meter, and silver in the 4×100 meter.  Needless to say that’s absolutely amazing, but even more impressive considering the size and resources available in the country.  America is no longer the fastest country in the world, and right now the gap is actually growing.


Lolo Jones

Jones gets a lot of attention for her looks, and regardless of what she thinks, it seems to not help her during the Olympics.  In 2008 she lost in heartbreaking fashion, so 2012 was supposed to be a redemption year.  Unfortunately she didn’t medal in her one event, so out came all of the critics with full force.  Part of me feels sorry for her, but on some level she actually promotes the criticism.  Yes she’s attractive, but if she didn’t discuss her dating habits and sex life no one would have the ammunition to slam her with.  Other than Ryan Lochte, I have no idea which Olympic athletes are having sex or with whom.  She’s been compared to Anna Kournikova because neither has won the big one (or at all for Kournikova).  If Lolo trained hard and shut up she may be compared to Maria Sharapova … an extremely attractive athlete who is known for her looks and athletic exploits.

That’s the look of not medaling despite being the athlete receiving the most hype


The national network garnered awesome ratings, but they had many slip ups during the events.  Tape delaying an event 6-8 hours is completely unacceptable in the internet age.  Most everyone knew the winner of the event well before NBC decided to start showing it in primetime.  Yes their online site was helpful, but if one didn’t have cable, the live videos were nearly impossible to navigate.  Bob Costas is generally good, but sometimes his extra commentary can be a bit annoying.  Showing a monkey doing gymnastics after Gabby Douglas won her gold medal also caused a few feathers to be ruffled.  It was an uneven performance from NBC, but they probably don’t care too much since they have exclusive rights to the game, and can get away with pretending like nothing’s wrong.

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