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Should the Cowboys Babysit Dez Bryant?

29 Aug

August 29, 2012

Dez Bryant is a star wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. He has been so dynamic in the Cowboys offense that they have used him in special teams, and have begun to tweak the offense in order to cater to his talent. Bryant is big, fast, and can out-jump almost any cornerback in the NFL, but he has had quite a few troubles off the field since his college days. In fact, though he was possibly the most talented player in his draft, many teams passed on Dez Bryant because of his past. As of today, he has had numerous run-ins with the law including but not limited to domestic abuse and even an altercation where he allegedly beat up his mother. In lieu of all his indiscretions, Dallas has installed a security team to be with Bryant at all times. He has a curfew, he can not visit strip clubs, can only go to approved nightclubs, and is not allowed to drink during the season. But, is it right to babysit a 23 year old man?

At twenty-three, any man should be able to control his own behavior. Dez Bryant is a legal adult, not a child, and should be subject to all the repercussions of his actions. However, Dez has proven himself incapable of self-policing. And, in an attempt to keep him on the field and away from the scrutiny and disciplinary actions office of the NFL, the Cowboys are trying to teach Bryant accountability. Bryant had a rough childhood. His father was absent and his mother had numerous run-ins with the law. The common fan watches specials on television and believes that most professional athletes come from broken homes and bad neighborhoods, but that is not true at all. Most professional athletes come from two-parent, middle class homes. There is a certain amount of discipline and stability that people need in order to be successful at higher level sports unless they are especially gifted. Unfortunately and luckily, Bryant is one of those special athletes. It is unfortunate, because he has never been given the opportunity to grow up. Most people who are raised in a poor, inner city neighborhood never leave it. They do not see any positive role models that are successful, so they either mire in relative anonymity (the better option) or learn to mimic the criminals who are making money. And in that way, Dez is incredibly lucky. There are tons of incredible athletes that never make it out of the poorer neighborhoods, especially when there is no parental supervision (his mother is 14 years older than him) and he made it. He made it despite being in the house with an underage mom, a parent that had regular drug use, and no dad.

But now, in the NFL, Dez is still following in the path of his only role model, his mom. He is constantly in the news for some random act that shows a complete lack of judgement. The Cowboys should not have to carry this grown man by the hand and watch him so that he does not get into trouble. But if they do not, then Bryant has proven that he will find his way into a courtroom. Therefore, the Cowboys should continue with their plan to babysit Dez Bryant. He represents an investment of millions of dollars to the owner, Jerry Jones. His failure to comply with league standards means a significant loss to the Jones’ investment and to the team. Though the Dallas Cowboys should not have to stand watch over Bryant like a twelve year old, it is in their best interest to do it. And, if the franchise wants to win a Super Bowl this year, they will watch him diligently.

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