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The Week That Was: 9/9-9/15

19 Sep

Middle East Protests

An unfortunate film deriving from the United States was much less than complimentary to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.  This caused significant outrage by extremists in many countries, most specifically Libya,culminating in the death of the US ambassador to the country, Christopher Stevens.


Who knew terrorists could be so, um, trendy…


Mitt Romney Flubs again

President Obama isn’t doing much to help himself win the election, but that’s perfectly fine because Mitt Romney continues to sabotage his own campaign.  He said this the night of September 11th, “It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”  Unfortunately for Romney, the “sympathy” as he calls it was actually an apology by US embassy in Cairo apologizing for the release of the insulting video.  Even more unfortunate is that the apology came well before the attacks began, not after as he suggested.  Romney was obviously crucified by Democrats, but he took almost as much heat from his own party.  Oops.


Another not so great day for Mr. Romney


USC gets whacked again

College football’s #1 team the Southern California Trojans got beat for the 4th year in a row by the Stanford Cardinal.  Why USC is still such media darlings is beyond me.  They are either completely overrated, or they have to break the rules to get victories.  Anyone with a pulse knew they were not the best team in the country, and it showed Saturday night.  SEC powerhouse and defending champion will now become the new, and deserved #1 team in the country.


Another sad day for Trojan fans


Kim Kardashian compares divorce to cancer

To be frank, anyone who thinks she was actually comparing her experience to cancer is out of their mind.  More imp0rtantly, why does anyone give a damn what she says or what her opinions are?  She is a socialite known for having a big butt, dating lots of athletes and other celebs, having a sex tape, concocting a sham of a marriage that lasted only 72 days, and being famous despite having no discernible talents.  Out of all that I can’t find a single reason to care about what she says or thinks.


Maybe she should stick her foot in her mouth instead…


iPhone 5 on the way

Apple announced  that the long awaited fifth iteration of their flagship device will be released on September 21st.  Really this should be a holiday because there is going to be immeasurable lost productivity as people get familiarized with the new features on the phone.  Not surprisingly Apple stock hit another all time high, at one point during the day trading at $693!

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