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Feminism Gone Wrong

18 Oct


Asian people, as a whole, are considered to be extremely dedicated and diligent workers. And because of their drive to stay on top of the technology world, the Japanese workforce spends longer and more strenuous hours at their jobs than most of the Asian population. The men of the Far East are so tenacious about their careers and the reputation of their family name that some employees have been driven to suicide when they have failed at their goals. But now, the Japanese women, in an effort for equality in the office, have taken hard work to a very dark place.

Japanese women in an effort to find equal footing in their careers have decided to forgo all the normal grooming that goes into everyday personal maintenance. They have begun to engage in all the staples of good old-fashioned feminism, like growing body hair and ascertaining to the same terrible level of hygiene as the common guy. But, Japanese women have taken their love for the office a step further than simply eschewing regular tooth brushing and hair appointments. The Japanese women are know denying themselves bathroom breaks in order to compete with their power-hungry male counterparts. That’s right women in the workplace in Japan are wearing Depends (or the Japanese equivalent of it) and pissing in their pants at work, so that the men do not get an unfair advantage in the office. I’m not sure if this should be exciting or appalling. Should people applaud these women for their work ethic or ostracize them for wearing adult diapers? Is this a step forward or backwards for women?

The Japanese are known around the world for many different eclectic acts including but not limited to, buying used underwear from vending machines, watching creepy tentacle anime porn, and doing just about anything that is robot-related, but purposely using adult diapers to produce work productivity is absolutely insane in my opinion. And, using feminism as a just explanation for peeing your pants is juvenile and disgusting.

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