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September 2012

2 Oct

Dear Answers From Men,

Obviously no one expected the Arizona Cardinals to start 3-0, but who do you think is the biggest disappointment: the 0-3 Saints or the 1-2 Patriots and Packers?

Kyle; Anchorage, Alaska

Kyle, the New Orleans Saints were expected to suck this year. They do have Drew Brees, but they lost their head coach and half of their defense that was already fairly porous. A slow start had to e expected for New Orleans. This year was essentially a throw away year for the Saints. A playoff year would be like the Super Bowl in the swamp. The biggest disappointments are definitely the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots. Both teams are thought to have a serious chance at contention for a ring this year, and both teams have stumbled out of the gates. Their quarterbacks are breathtaking at times.  Aaron Rodgers makes throws routinely that no one other than Cam Newton can make. Tom Brady almost never makes mistakes on the field. However Rodgers and Brady’s respective teams drop passes and miss opportunities too regularly to win it all. And even when the offenses are clicking, the defenses allow 30+ points against average opponents so they have to engage in shootouts with teams to beat them. The Pats and the Pack have been completely underwhelming.

They’ll be better days Drew … probably, possibly, maybe


Dear Answers From Men,

The first Presidential debate is on October 3rd.  Our once great country is going to shit; does it really even matter who wins the election?  I hate to be so pessimistic, but I’m not sure anyone can clean up this mess.

Calvin; Farmington, New Mexico

Cal, it really may not matter who wins this election. Supply-side economics only works in theory, and Barack Obama has been ineffective in his first four years of office. Either way the public, particularly the middle class, is screwed. You should not even waste your time watching the debate. Let me sum it up for you. The Republicans are selling morals and the Democrats are selling dreams. Neither will save our country.


Dear Answers From Men,

Tiger Woods got benched from an event at the Ryder Cup for the first time in his career.  Is it pretty much over for the guy?  I honestly think he should embrace being a villain.  He could walk the links with a beer in his hand, hang out with a different hot supermodel or actress every few months, and take up smoking cigars.  It could be like how Hulk Hogan came back as NWO leader Hollywood Hogan with WCW and would wear dark sunglasses, a bandana, and dyed black hair.  The whole shtick was incredibly bizarre, but everyone loved it.  What do you think?

Bernard; Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I honestly do not think it matters what Tiger Woods does at this point. He is a villain. He can never be the guy that the public thought he was prior to the public “sex addiction.” Tiger Woods was marketed as a non-threatening All-American guy who married to the model daughter of a politician. He was seen as a great father and a husband. He appeared to be the guy that everyone admired. He turned out to be the derelict pervert who could not keep it in his pants. Tiger Woods should just embrace who he is. A loser.

They’ll be better days Eldrick … possibly, maybe, but probably not


Dear Answers From Men,

I’m a 30-something professional woman, and as you know it’s not easy to find a good guy once you get into this demographic.  I’ve started dating online for the first time this month and much to my surprise I’ve met a few good guys already.  Last week I started chatting online with a guy who’s actually a local celebrity in my city.  He seems nice, affable, and sincere, so far, and we have our first date planned for early next week.  Considering his status is there any tangible way for me to determine if he’s not just trying to get in my pants?  I obviously don’t plan to put out on the first date, but I don’t want to be raked over the coals a month into things either.  Thanks!

Melody; Wilmington, Delaware

Melody, every guy that you date is attempting to get into your pants. Accept it and your life will be easier. And, the only way to know if a man’s intentions are pure, is to make him wait for the sex. If he sticks around after his undetermined wait period, then he likes you as a person rather than just as a sex object.


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