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The Week that Was 10/7-10/13

19 Oct

Drew Brees Breaks TD Record

Congratulations to Drew Brees for breaking what is now a completely useless record.  He has thrown a touchdown pass in 48 straight games (4 years), and yes that is a huge accomplishment.  However, considering that he throws the ball on average almost 40 times per game, the new rules overprotecting the quarterbacks, and penalties being placed on defenders for even breathing on receivers, the feat is actually not that impressive.  Johnny Unitas threw a touchdown in 47 straight games, and he only averaged 25 pass attempts per game.  Brees should be able to throw more TDs considering the rules, and an extra 15 attempts per game that Unitas didn’t get.


Jerry Sandusky Sentenced

There is a special place in Hell for people like Sandusky.  I think that it’s appropriate that the judge sentenced the 68 year old criminal to 30-60 years behind bars, as opposed to silly sentences like 250 years that are often laid out for high profile cases such as this one.  Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in jail where he belongs.  In all reality it’s a shame that there isn’t a worse punishment for the crimes that he committed and lives of young people that he destroyed.


Hope you enjoy jail before your assured trip to hell


Vice Presidential Debate

The fireworks that were absent from the initial presidential debate were somewhat on display during the offering involving the prospective second in commands.  Paul Ryan seemed poised, composed, and extremely thirsty during the debate.  Joe Biden was frequently on the attack, and flashed those amazing veneers for all of America to see.  In terms of policy the debate was essentially a stalemate, but Biden will be remembered for being the aggressor that Obama was not the week before.


It’s all about the veneers


Lance Armstrong the Cheat

USADA released over 200 pages of documents that essentially prove that Armstrong was a serial doper, and his Postal Service team was running an intricate performance enhancing operation.  There is evidence from some of Armstrong’s typical foes, but most damaging is testimony from people who have no axe to grind … most notably one of Armstrong’s closest former teammates George Hincapie.  Anyone who still believes that the heroic cancer survivor didn’t cheat has to be completely delusional.


Snoop Dogg Gets Political

When asked for reasons why he did or did not like each presidential candidate, famous rapper Snoop Dogg made it perfectly clear why the Electoral College is still a necessity.


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